• The Actor WordPress Theme - professional design for actor businesses

    The true worth of any business professional lies in the added value you can bring to others people's lives. That philosophy is the corner stone of our business in general and the Actor WordPress Theme specific. We have taken the utmost care to be able to provide professional actors the means to present themselves in a way that honor their profession. This Actor WordPress Theme will serve as a beacon for those in need of your services. As you enhance your own online presence so you will be able to enhance the lives of others through your specific set of skills.

  • Start building sites faster than ever

    There can be only one theme supplier that provides you with the quickest way imaginable to build new sites. And it's Divi Themes.

  • IMDB-like filmography

    With our csv widget adding your very own IMDB-like filmography and other areas that might interest prospective clients has never been easier.

    For actors

    Opposed to the average WordPress theme you can find on the internet, this Actor WordPress Theme was designed specifically to create a professional online presence for actors.

    Stylish design

    With a brilliant uncluttered but very powerful design your actor firm will set itself apart from the competition.

    Dazzling image gallery

    Display your photos in elegant lightbox image galleries with the Actor WordPress Theme. You can add multi-column photo galleries to any page or post.

    Video section

    Including videos on your website is an exciting way to share information with your audience. Use the YouTube and Vimeo widgets to display a video or create a video gallery on any page.

  • mobile responsive Actor WordPress Theme

    Elegant design for every screen size with the responsive Actor WordPress Theme

    The easiest way to make sure that your actor business website will look great and work perfectly on smartphones and tablets is to build your site with the responsive Actor WordPress Theme. Without any extra effort required, our mobile-optimized design will automatically adjust your pages to display neatly on any screen size. Mobile visitors will enjoy the same professional look of the desktop version plus convenient features like user-friendly mobile navigation and the ability to simply tap your phone number to dial.

  • Join the online evolution of the actor industry

    A professional website for your acting business is within your reach when you start with the Actor WordPress Theme. This pre-built WordPress theme comes with the important pages and business features already in place, so all that's left to do is fill in your own text and photos.

  • Includes Nexus Framework - Marketing power combined with technical innovation

    With the Actor WordPress Theme we’ve taken theme design a a step further. Because actors have to realize that it’s not the tool that does the work for you, it’s what you do with it. You see, a formula 1 car is nothing if not driven by a professional. And owning the car is not the goal, getting to the finish line and beating the competition is. So that’s why we’ve not only based our theme on this immensely popular product, but provide actors with the proper layout which can easily be expanded to suit their individual needs. The biggest costs of getting online resides not in the products used, a theme, hosting etc., but in the hourly rate of the web designer. And we believe it’s in the best interest of both parties involved, designer and business owner, that a product is used that excels in the areas of functionality and technology. That’s the Actor WordPress Theme.

  • Customizable UI

    You'll feel right at home building websites with the Nexus Framework when you realize how easy it is to customize its user interface to your personal needs

    Drag & Drop

    It's easier than ever to organize your content in the Nexus Framework. Just drag and drop! You can even zoom out and re-arrange content from a bird's eye view.

    Draggable Widths

    Nexus' visual builder allows you to create enticing and beautiful page layouts that present content perfectly with the help of draggable widths and heights.

    In-line Editing

    The option to edit content by remaining on the page is drastically going to speed up your workflow and get the website finished in a way that makes sense.

    Instant Content

    The Nexus Framework turns a website into a canvas where web designers very quickly can edit, duplicate and re-arrange sections, columns, rows and other content elements.

    Responsive Editing

    Sometimes a design that works great for a desktop just doesn't for a mobile device. Now you can both see this and adjust this when the situation calls for it.

  • Turnkey

    Thanks to the Actor WordPress Theme's straightforward turnkey installation, you'll have your website up and running in no time with the layout and initial content already in place.

    Next-gen website maintenance

    Since the Actor WordPress Theme doesn't require coding, you can expect easier maintenance and increased compatibility for future updates to your theme.

    Create your own color scheme

    To customize the look and feel of your actor website just click and drag on the color picker to find the shades that match your acting business's signature colors.

    No coding needed

    Preserve your sanity with the Actor WordPress Theme. It allows you to edit your entire site through an easy to use front-end editor!

    Add content and features with modules

    The Actor WordPress Theme makes it easy to add content and features to your website. Click on a blank module to assign it text, video, a gallery or a variety of other content types.

    Integrated web fonts

    The Actor WordPress Theme allows you to integrate Google fonts on top of the standard fonts that you may already possess.

  • The best choice for actors all over the world

  • I really love working with these WordPress themes. It's so easy to use: add all those widgets and drag them around the framework. Front end editing makes it very easy for my customers to maintain their own website.

    Sabine van Erp - Netherlands

    Even for a person like me (I am from the time the internet didn't exist) it was easy to build my website. I received many compliments about the fact that my site looks so professional. Thanks guys!

    Henk Klijn - Netherlands

    I am very happy with the theme and service that these guys provides. I can make a very representative site with the product, containing all features a slick and modern site requires.

    Bram van der Woude - Netherlands