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    The Accountant Astra Starter Site uses the free version of the Astra theme. Astra provides excellent compatibility with mayor website builders, including Elementor. And it provides great configurability with WordPress' own Customizer. These two ways ensure that even newcomers to WordPress and aspiring site owners can easily and quickly create a website.

    We encourage you to consider purchasing the pro version of the Astra theme to extend its rich functionality with additional features. These features include white-labelling, extensive site layouts, more color controls, sticky headers, multiple blog layouts, better typography, and header and footer layouts,

  • The Accountant Astra Starter Site - design your website without any coding

    The Accountant Astra Starter Site is a professional looking business theme for accountants and (small) accounting businesses. It has a very straightforward but effective layout. Furthermore the Accountant Astra Starter Site has a huge amount of business-related features implemented. With the Accountant Astra Starter Site you'll literally be just one step away from a fully fledged website. Combine that with an intuitive front-end editor and a fully responsive theme and you have a dependable product to get your business online.

  • Accountant Astra Starter Site - Clickable call to actions

    Clickable call to actions

    Call to actions are very important aspects of any site including this Accountant Astra Starter Site. We've made sure that the call to actions can be configured directly using the front end editor.

    Accountant Astra Starter Site - Clean service overview

    Clean service overview

    Besides using the main navigation menu, visitors can find a helpful overview of your most popular services on the home page, linking directly to the appropriate page for more information.

    Accountant Astra Starter Site - Share customer reviews

    Share customer reviews

    The best way to promote your services with the Accountant Astra Starter Site is to do let others do the talking for you. We've included a stylish testimonials page for you to fill with your own quotes.

    Accountant Astra Starter Site - Clients page

    Clients page

    Indulge in a little name dropping and include a list of the companies you've worked with. Simply replace the icons to display logos from your top clients.

    Accountant Astra Starter Site - Online quote request form

    Online quote request form

    A great way to provide valuable leads is by letting potential interested visitors fill in a free estimate form. Each submitted form is stored on your server for future reference.

    Accountant Astra Starter Site - Introduce yourself

    Introduce yourself

    A perfect place for your audience to get to know you better is the about page. Here you can divulge something personal about you or your team.

    Accountant Astra Starter Site - Contact info which stands out

    Contact info which stands out

    Once you've got them hooked, tell visitors how to get more info on the Accountant Astra Starter Site's Contact page. Its flexible layout can be easily customized to suit your needs.

    Accountant Astra Starter Site - Skills and Experience pages

    Skills and Experience pages

    Neatly display your past employment and work experience as well as an organized list of your top skills on the dedicated pages already set up in the Accountant Astra Starter Site.

    Accountant Astra Starter Site - For accountants

    For accountants

    Before creating the Accountant Astra Starter Site, we researched to find out the specific business needs of accountants in order to offer you the best match for your business.

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  • Great design for every screen size with the responsive Accountant Astra Starter Site

    The sleek, professional look and user-friendly functionality of your accounting website will extend to the mobile version when you start with this responsive Accountant Astra Starter Site. Visitors who use smartphones and tablets to learn about your accounting services will enjoy neatly displayed information and intuitive navigation thanks to our solid mobile-optimized design. Your text, images, and pages will automatically adjust to fit the screen size on any handheld device, without any additional coding or plugins required.

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