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  • Web Design Mastery Program

  • A key feature of our success has been to have an absolute focus and determination to optimise the web design process, providing high quality business themes with the least amount of resources as possible. This WordPress theme design section is the best of what we have to offer in that respect and combines years of experience, dedication and hard work.

  • The goal of this program

    The Web Design Mastery Program is about making the web design process more tangible in general and giving you a set of concrete rules you can apply in any website irrespective of the tool. More specific, this program is about how to fully utilize the potential of our themes to achieve a high quality web design.

    I will not discuss at length all the options of our themes and how to use them. We have an extensive support section where you'll be able to learn all the ins-and-outs of our framework.

  • About the author

    The Web Design Mastery Program was created by Johan van Seijen: co-founder of Nexus Themes. Design has been part of both his personal and professional life. His experience in the design industry include the following:

    • Graduated from the University of Amsterdam and holds a Master of Science degree in Informatics.
    • International Illustrator for renowned fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Avantgarde and Glamour. His work has been shown during the Amsterdam Fashion Week of 2007.
    • HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Github, Glyphs, Illustrator, Photoshop, software development in general and more specifically, software testing, requirements engineering, functional design, mobile design and UI design.
    • In-depth field experience of the entire software project lifecycle. His roles include, testing, requirements engineering, software designing, and project coordination. Projects include large backend projects as well as smaller mobile projects. He devised and published a software design methodology called "Test Driven Requirements engineering".
    • Is both the UI-designer of the front-end part of the framework, with which themes are build, and principal creator of the first 70 themes on Nexus Themes.
    • Leads the design department of Nexus Themes.