• OceanWP Demos

  • About

    The OceanWP theme was created in 2016 by Nicolas Lecocq as a means to improve his freelance web design work. It's a very traditional theme that relies heavily on the inclusion of other plugins to extend it's functionality. Within a year, Just as with Astra, OceanWP very quickly decided to extend their product with what they call "demos": website builder configurations that serve as a foundation for you to build your own site.

    Their entire demo section is based on Elementor and almost all of the demos fall into their " premium" category starting at 39 USD.

  • Product Feature

    The free theme proposition and demos based on Elementor seem to be the way to go for all mayor theme brands including OceanWP.

    That being said, not only are almost all of the demos an upsell, but even some of the features within the a demo necessitate another purchase as well. This is not entirely obvious just by looking at their website but is an obvious means to entice people to make a purchase.

    I can imagine that for the tech-savvy web designer you might get away with using the free version of OceanWP. But especially web designers will want to white-label a site and add other premium features like unlimited sidebars, a portfolio extension, full-screen layout, GDPR cookie and extra Elementor widgets.

  • Website Builder

    For the average client, choosing OceanWP means choosing for Elementor as the main tool for designing a website. The fact that their entire demo catalogue is based in this popular website builder says enough.

    And even though they mention supporting other builders like Brizy, WPBakery, Divi, Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, King Composer, and SiteOrigin Page Builder, it's clear that Elementor is their main choice. Considering the fact that only for Elementor did they decide to add their own Elementor widget extension plugin.

    This isn't a bad thing since Elementor is one of the if not the most popular website builder tool currently available. And Elementor provides a free version as well.

  • Hosted Version

    45 USD for a single year.

    We offer hosted versions of all OceanWP demos.

    Hosted versions include the demo website, Elementor, domain name, SSL certificate and daily backups for a single year.

    We also update the web server, the theme, Elementor, and WordPress for you.

  • License Information

    The only purchase made available on Nexus Themes is the hosted version of any of OceanWP demos.

    When you purchase the hosted version you actually obtain a Nexus license which is valid for a single year. A Nexus license gives you access to your Nexus Account. From within your account we make available hosting services like domain registration, DNS configurations, backup downloads, single-site login functionality and the like.

    A Nexus license also means you can request support using the Support Form, by sending an email at support@nexusthemes.com or by contacting us through Facebook Messenger.

    After a year you can renew your license if you want continued support and keep your site running on our servers.

    The support is restricted to the hosting of your site and doesn not include WordPress itself, WordPress plugins, web server technology, SEO, extensive troubleshooting of your site and the like.

    Should you need extensive support on either OceanWP or Elementor, we recommend you obtain a license from either parties yourself. Our license is non-transferable and does not give you the right of premium support from either provider.

    Both OceanWP and Elementor are widely supported and free support is available from a number of WordPress groups including: OceanWP Community", " Elementor Community", " the WordPress Nexus", " WordPress Community for Non-Techies", " WordPress", " WordPress Hub - WordPress help for beginners", " WordPress, SEO, & Internet Questions", and " WPBeginner Engage - WordPress Help for Non-Techies".