• Nexus Themes

  • About

    Nexus Themes has been around since 2012. Its primary focus has always been towards making products for both business owners and newcomers to WordPress. Although that sounds trivial now, with thousands and thousands of business themes out there, it wasn't almost a decade ago.

    There are very few other theme provider that have made more products than Nexus. Nearing almost 400 themes, there's bound to be one for the type of industry you're in. And it has been one of the reasons Nexus' themes are popular amongst web designers.

  • Product Feature

    One primary feature of the theme is that the demo content is imported into the WordPress installation during the theme activation step. This ensures that without any extra handling the site owner immediately has an entire site to work from.

    The exception to the rule with respect to demo content is the images. They are not imported during the theme activation step, but instead replaced with placeholder images.

    Nexus themes have always been premium themes.

  • Website Builder

    Nexus has created its own proprietary website builder. The website builder is integrated into the theme itself and thus ships with every theme. Since all themes ship with the exact same website builder, shifting from one theme to the next will always provide the exact same familiar interface.

    As with other website builder Nexus offer its fair share of elements called "widgets" to flesh out any page. Nexus has comparatively less options to configure a site at the most granular level. Instead it has opted to make creating a certain look-and-feel instantaneous throughout the entire site. For instance, configuring the color palette consisting of just three colors, will change the color-scheme of the entire site.

    Another differentiating feature of Nexus is that it features a business rule engine that provides ultimate flexibility in page layout. With infinite header, sidebar, and footer combinations for pages, posts, categories, authors and the like.

    Almost all Nexus' widgets can also be used in the header, sidebar, footer with the exact same user interface as the main content.

    Since the theme itself is premium, Nexus hasn't opted to make certain features only available through a premium plugin behind another payment wall. You also don't need anything else but the theme itself to make a website looking like the demo (with the exception of licensed stock photos). This makes for a less complicated and less fragmented user experience.

  • Theme Price

    65 USD per theme

  • Hosted Version

    77 USD for a single year.

    We offer hosted versions of all Nexus' themes.

    Hosted versions include the theme, the photopack if available (45 USD), domain name, SSL certificate, daily backups and premium support for a single year.

    We also update the web server, the theme, and WordPress for you.