Malicious redirect using

It was recently brought to my attention there were hardcoded links within themes using the Nexus page builder that still pointed to, which is a domain name we’ve used for support in the past but no longer own.

The domain was bought by a third party, who redirects all of the incoming traffic from to a website displaying sexual content. There’s nothing we can do about this since we’re no longer in control of the domain name and are in no way affiliated with it.

What we can do is change all of the links in our themes, which we’ve done. We’ve changed all of the hardcoded links in the Nexus Page builder and pointed them to our contact page. I’ve updated the entire catalog of 375 products.

If you’re running a theme where the links still point to you can buy the updated version using our overview of themes. If your theme was purchased after January 1st 2022 you can contact us at and we’ll provide you with the updated version free of charge.

I would like to apologize to anyone who thought they could ask for support this way, but instead were tricked by this third party.