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  • The initial content of the demo (excluding the photopacks; the photos are replaced with grey placeholders) is installed automatically the first time you activate the theme. Optionally you could afterwards install and setup the photopack (in which case the grey placeholders will be automatically replaced with the actual photos).

    If you install the theme after the purchase, it will install the initial content of the theme the first time you activate it on your site. The layout of the site will look 1:1 as the sample site. The images that you see in the demo content will be repliaced by grey boxes (placeholders). We do this, because the images are commercially licensed and we are not allowed to ship them. If you would like to have all images in place too, you can simply purchase the photopack for that theme (you see the option to purchase the photopack after you add the theme to the shopping cart). Once you install and activate the photopack it will replace the grey images with the commercially licensed ones. The photopack contains the licenses to use the photos on one website. If you don't see the option to add the photopack to the cart, that means the photopack is not available (this only applies to very small number of themes).


    We don't keep track of that kind of information.

    All countries.

  • The following questions concern functions exclusively available for clients having chosen to host their website with Nexus.