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  • ​That's unfortunate. Since you don't host with us I cannot help you with a backup. Please contact your current hosting provider and see if he can help you out in this respect. After you've restored your website you might consider updating everything that needs to be updated, which includes the theme you've purchased from us. You will need to buy a fresh license to do so.

    The support and theme updates are for a single domain for a single year. We only provide support and updates for a different domain if the business for which the domain name is used is the same. E.g. if the business undergoes a brand / name change.

    If you're in need of a new theme license it's $ 65, our Theme & Hosting package is $ 77. The Theme & Hosting package includes a free domain registration, SSL certificate, mail setup, and backup regime.

    You no longer have to enter the license number in the website. Your Nexus Themes account has made the license registration feature obsolete. Please make sure to upload and activate the latest version of the theme since trying to register your license in out-of-date themes will result in an error message.

    In the latest version of our themes the license registration is deprecated and no longer necessary. If you try to register a freshly purchased license, it means you try the register the new license in the old theme. Please update your theme. You can download the latest version by login into your Nexus Themes account at https://my.nexusthemes.com/ with your purchase email. After login in you can see an overview of all your orders. After clicking on an order you'll be taken to the order detail page where you can download the theme if your license is still valid. After updating you'll notice that registering the license is not even possible anymore.

    There's no limitation on theme usage. However, the support and theme updates are only for a single domain for a single year.

    A purchase of any theme will give you a fresh license. Alternatively you can login to https://my.nexusthemes.com/ with your purchase email to see an overview of all your purchases and renew the license for any of them.

    There's no limitation on theme usage. However, the support and theme updates are only for a single domain for a single year.

    Our catalog of themes has changed over the years so it could be that a theme you once bought is no longer available. That's not a real issue since you can always use the version from your original purchase. If you've "lost" that version I'm afraid we can not help you with a fresh copy.

    ​ ​If you decide to use the older version naturally you still want to use the latest version of the framework included in the theme. Two main reasons are security and compatibility. You can still obtain a valid update and support license by purchasing any other theme from our catalogue. Updating the older theme will not result in wiping the initial content and layout of that older version.

    If you want to receive an update because of hosting or other issues, you might want to consider using our "theme and hosting" package. This will probably solve your issue and you never have to worry about theme updates again. And the extra fee we charge for hosting among others, is probably cheaper than what you're currently spending

    There's no limitation on theme usage. However, the support and theme updates are only for a single domain for a single year.



    The price is a discounted price of the theme purchase. If you renew before it expires the discount is 10%. If the license already expires the discount is 5%. To renew with a discount, login to https://my.nexusthemes.com/ then click on the license you want to renew and follow up the steps from there.

  • The following questions concern functions exclusively available for clients having chosen to host their website with Nexus.

    ​Our current process is that you will be notified via the email you used to make the purchase of the impending expiration. In that email is a link for you to pay the renewal fee. Of course you're free to create any notification yourself and ask us proactively about the renewal.

    All of our business processes are geared towards annual renewals. Currently we do not get this question enough to implement multi-year renewals.