• Yes

    ‚ÄčThe core functionality of the theme's framework itself doesn't necessitate cookies. However it could be that the theme facilitates third party services that do require user / session information. Examples of these are everything that has the word "Google" in it and social media channels. And obviously you can obtain user information with a form.

    The "component control" feature, available within our "theme and hosting" package provides the ability to disable all cookie-related features. You can watch the video to find out more (min. 6.35).

    You can access our DPA at https://nexusthemes.com/dpa-1018/.

    Yes, our themes provide you with the option to disable Google Fonts. Using this option will let the theme display the browser fallback font.

    Yes, the Google Map functions based on an lattitude / longitude lookup (Google Geocoding API). If you don't want this lookup to occur, you cannot use the Google Map function. Simply delete the specific widget from the page.

    Yes, you can disable that jQuery loads externally. However, disabling jQuery altogether means our theme will not function properly. So you'll need to locally store a version of jQuery and load it into the theme.

  • The following questions concern functions exclusively available for clients having chosen to host their website with Nexus.

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