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  • Showcase – Matt Garwood – Pest Control Expert

  • Who are you, how old are you, what is your profession and what is the type of business and the name of your company?

    My name is Matt Garwood, I am a Pest Control Expert, and my company is M G Pest Control. We specialize in Bed bug pest control and Rat pest control.

  • What makes your company unique? What makes your company different compared to other companies in the same industry, and what benefits does this approach provide for your clients?

    We provide pest control that is legal. We also make sure we do what we say we are going to do.

  • How did you get involved in this industry in the first place, and what made you decide to start for yourself? (to run your own business instead of working in the industry as an employee)

    Wanted a change in career, and saw someone I knew doing well in pest control, so bought a franchise

  • Do you (or did you) do any offline marketing for your business, and if so, how does the effectiveness of those activities compare to the online marketing efforts?

    On line is more powerful – achieving more results

  • Who built your website and how much time did it take to put it online?

    I built my pest control website myself, with the help of my host and Nexus Themes, in a weekend

  • What do you consider the most important information that people can find on your website and why?

    Our email and telephone number – otherwise they can’t contact us – it’s important to make it easy for any visitors to my site to see how to reach us

  • What information do you keep up to date on your site, and why is it important to keep that up to date?

    News stories – shows you’re active, current, keeps the content fresh on the site, probably gets us listed higher on searches

  • What is the secret to the success of your business?

    Doing a good job for your customers – and managing their expectations. Customers don’t like surprises…and they want results, as well as value for money

  • Gert-Jan Bark

    Gert-Jan is co-founder and Lead developer. I am very thankful to have found my two great passions early in live; the first one is my passion to build and create things (both in the real and virtual world; whether its building castles from wooden blocks, lego structures or virtual things like software), and the other one is passion to want to know the fundamentals of how and why things work the way they do (my curiosity).