This product is no longer updated. The last compatible release is: WordPress 6.5.2 and PHP 7.4.33


Massage WordPress Theme

The deeply rewarding process of helping people in your practice can easily be extended towards the online world. With the Massage WordPress Theme we’ve set a goal of creating both a professional and authentic looking theme. It is our goal to help therapists being able to grow and thrive their practice and the Massage WordPress Theme is our tool.

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Massage WordPress Theme - the next step for your massage clinic

The Massage WordPress Theme is a mobile optimized theme for professional massage therapists and massage clinics. It’s packed with business features for this specific niche. And incorporates a solid design, services overview, booking form, testimonials, faq section, powerful blog features, social media options among others. Instead of starting from scratch, the turnkey installation let’s you get a headstart by including the complete design and layout upon activating the theme. Easily editable and expandable, both in terms of content and design, and all without having to hand code a single line. The Massage WordPress Theme is indeed a powerful tool in the arsenal of a professional web designer who has the noble task of providing a quality web presence for massage thereapists.

Intuitive mobile design with the responsive Massage WordPress Theme

With each passing year, having a mobile website becomes more essential for business owners. Since the introduction of the first iPhone, the use of smartphones and tablets has exploded beyond belief. Many of us can no longer imagine a world without our smartphone. So the mobile requirement for websites has become a widespread phenomenon. With the responsive Massage WordPress Theme you can be sure that your website will offer visitors an optimal user experience, no matter what type of mobile device they use to view your pages.

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The Massage WordPress Theme was specifically designed with the needs of massage therapists in mind.