This product is no longer updated. Its last compatible release is: WordPress 6.5.2 and PHP 7.4.33
The Makeup Artist Website Template is our redesigned alternative.


Makeup Artist WordPress Theme

Taking the step towards online promotion not only means you set yourself up for an increase in revenue. It also means you can give more people the best service the industry has to offer: yours!

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Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - beautify your online presence

The Makeup Artist WordPress Theme is a full-blown content driven portfolio theme which will make the most out of this visually oriented business niche. It is entirely focused on the demands of makeup artists. The theme’s layout and design has a distinctive feminine feel to it while maintaining an intuitive navigation structure. Strong, attention grabbing service references on the homepage are combined with a clean blog overview, which can be used to attract attention to latest projects. Furthermore the Makeup Artist WordPress theme has multiple options to feature images and image galleries, whether on individual posts or portfolio pages. By default the makeup industry relies heavily on social media when it comes to marketing. So it’s only natural you have dedicated places for your various social accounts and individual posts can be shared on all of the major social platforms. It also has a pre-configured testimonial, about and contact page and a mobile optimized pricing table. We believe these set of features makes this Makeup Artist WordPress Theme the logical choice for anybody working in this industry.

Great design for mobile devices with the responsive Makeup Artist WordPress Theme

Having a mobile or “responsive” website became one of those buzzwords in 2011. Nowadays, themes and websites in general have almost standardized this concept. But it’s much easier to say you want a responsive website than it is to actually have one. We’ve made sure that with this responsive Makeup Artist WordPress Theme you’ll have your mobile site right out of the box. And, even better, when enhancing and expanding your site in the future you’ll be certain it stays that way without you having to think about it or do some complex coding because of our rock solid theme foundation.

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The Makeup Artist WordPress Theme was specifically designed with the needs of makeup artists in mind.