This product is no longer updated. Its last compatible release is: WordPress 6.5.2 and PHP 7.4.33
The Flooring Website Template is our redesigned alternative.


Flooring WordPress Theme

Tradesmen have a special place in our hearts. And we take extra care that the hard working men and women in these kind of industries can have the quality website that they deserve, and the support that comes with it. With the Flooring WordPress Theme we’ve covered another great industry. Even in hard economic times people and business thrive and this website template is your best bet if you want to thrive online with your flooring business.

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Flooring WordPress Theme - paving the way for your online goals

The online industry is ever growing and your organization should grow with it. Growth nowadays resides in part in having a solid website. And a quality website answers questions of budget, knowledge necessary and time on hand. We can do nothing about your time, but we can give your flooring business a quality website within budget and for small business owners who’ve never heard of WordPress in the first place. The Flooring WordPress Theme enables professionals in the flooring business to set up their own website quickly and efficiently. And with all the necessary features every flooring individual would want. A prominent spot on the homepage to put your main services, right beneath the eye popping slideshow. Secondary services concerning installation and repair and sustainability. Clear call to actions, an area to place your trust icons. Quick navigation on pages other than the homepage, a quote request form. Behind the screens our powerful front end editor makes maintaining your site a completely different experience than standard WordPress themes and we pride ourselves on giving the excellent support you might need in case of getting stuck.

Have your own mobile website with this responsive Flooring WordPress Theme

A great way to complement your existing clientele is to showcase your particular skillset via your website. And no better way to do that for any flooring business than with the responsive Flooring WordPress Theme. The first thing any person who is interested in somebody with flooring skills will do, is to start searching online. It’s one thing to have a website and be out there in the first place. It’s a second thing that your website showcases your company the best way possible, no matter what device is being used. This responsive Flooring WordPress Theme does just that heightening your possibility to get quality online leads.

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The Flooring WordPress Theme was specifically designed with the needs of flooring experts in mind.