This product is no longer updated. The last compatible release is: WordPress 6.5.2 and PHP 7.4.33


Construction Company WordPress Theme

A lot of business owners have no idea where to start with a website when confronted with a blank canvas on their screen. With the Construction Company WordPress Theme you get an out-of-the-box construction website which can easily be expanded to fit your personal preferences. And it has all the necessary features demanded from professional construction companies nowadays. Including being optimized for mobile devices.

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Construction Company WordPress Theme - build your online future with a design tailored to the needs of contractors

The Construction Company WordPress Theme packs a lot more punch than the average WordPress theme on the same subject. It has a dedicated project overview page combined with individual project detail pages. Furthermore the theme sports a ready-to-use section to introduce your company, clear call-to-actions to turn visitors into clients. And we’ve even taken care of the small details. And easily editable csv widget let’s you include your business hours. On top of that it’s only natural that the Consctruction Company WordPress theme has a solid design and a default news section. And if that’s not all. It also features the most sophisticated website maintenance tool on the planet and is a fully mobile WordPress theme. Whether you’re working in the construction business yourself, or you make a living building websites for these kind of clients, you’re ensured that the Construction Company WordPress Theme will get the job done quickly, easily and professionally.

Your very own mobile website with this responsive Construction Company WordPress Theme

Having a mobile or “responsive” website became one of those buzzwords in 2011. Nowadays, themes and websites in general have almost standardized this concept. But it’s much easier to say you want a responsive website than it is to actually have one. We’ve made sure that with this responsive Construction Company WordPress Theme you’ll have your mobile site right out of the box. And, even better, when enhancing and expanding your site in the future you’ll be certain it stays that way without you having to think about it or do some complex coding because of our rock solid theme foundation.

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The Construction Company WordPress Theme was specifically designed with the needs of contractors in mind.