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    The Nexus Studio is the world's most integrated web design solution for online marketers and web designers. It removes traditional technical barriers and let’s you design beautiful websites without any hardcoding.

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    The online world is where you set the stage for your clients and help them achieve business growth. But that involves many props. You’ll need to start with the right theme and customise it to suit the needs of your clients, while at the same time managing your existing websites, including updates, backups, security, performance, and much more.

    With the Nexus Studio you no longer need to worry about all that. While you focus on the web design task at hand you can be assured that technology works for you, not against you taking up countless of your precious hours. Our dashboard enables you to manage all your existing websites with a single login on a high-performance secure server, including automated and manual backups, updates and site migrations. Setting up new websites based on the included portfolio of hundreds of business themes takes only seconds. With the Nexus Studio you’ll shave hours or even days of your workflow and multiply your profits.

  • Turnkey Site Creation

    Installing WordPress and activating the theme of your choice, including its content, is a fully automated process. With just one click you can sit back and relax while your environment will be readied in mere seconds.

    Single Sign-on

    No longer will you need to memorize countless username and password combinations. With a single login you have access to all of the websites you design and manage for your clients.

    FREE Staging Environments

    Just as quickly as you can create new site projects, you can just as quickly create demo- and staging environments to streamline both your marketing and sales and design workflow.

    No Lock-in

    If, for whatever reason, you find a better solution for your web design work you can terminate your contract at any time without the loss of either your time or money.

    30-days Refund Policy

    If you've made a payment for a certain site that's your responsibility, but somehow want to get a refund of your license you can. We have a very agreeable 30-days, no questions asked, refund policy.

    Exclusive Skype Support

    Especially for clients who use our Studio solution we go the absolute extra mile in terms of support. When you feel you need to we offer exclusive one-on-one Skype support to help you out in whatever way we can.

  • Theme Included (value $65!)

    That's right! Included in the hosting package is a theme of your choice. That means that if you reduce the hosting fee with what we currently charge for a theme hosting costs 1 DOLLAR PER MONTH!

    FREE SSL Certificate

    Running a website on https is a way to boost your SEO efforts and an indicator that you run a trustworthy online presence. So it's only natural we've included it in our hosting package.

    FREE Domain Name

    Either get a fresh domain name for free or, if you prefer, keep the one you already have and point the DNS records to our server. We'll help you out when needed.

    SSD Powered Hosting

    We make sure the hosting speed is far above what is expected for the needs of the average business owner. With PHP 7, NGINX, HTTP/2 and AWS VPS in multiple regions across the globe.

    Automated Backups

    Our automated and manual backup regime makes sure you're safeguarded against unwanted attacks and accidental content deletions by yourself or the person in charge of site maintenance.

    Rock Solid Shared Hosting

    Every bought hosting for pennies, thinking you had a great deal, only to found out after the fact that site performance was atrocious? That's called "shared hosting done wrong" and is a way to lure prospective clients with cheap but terrible deals.

    Transparent Fees

    Starting at USD 2.50!!! Great deal right..? But what if that monthly fee triples after the first year? Not with us, we're transparent in how much money our service costs, no hidden fees or small print.

    A Proven Trackrecord

    No we're no GoDaddy and we don't want to be. That being said, we're definitely no new kid on the block. Because our Amazon based cloud hosting service already powers thousands of sites.

    No Technical Skills Necessary

    A lot of business owners struggle with the technical aspects of websites. Not only of hosting but also of site maintenance. That's a thing of the past since no coding skills are needed to maintain your website with us.

    Solid Uptime

    The internet is 24/7 so your site needs to be as well. There aren't many certainties in life but the performance and uptime of your site comes very close to being one.

    Premium Support

    Being able to get your questions answered by real world people is a must for many people. With our dedicated support staff you can be assured of support at times you need it.

    Automatic Updates

    We do our best to ensure your environment (server, website, etc.) is up to date and stays up to date. It reduces the risk of unwanted access to your site and makes sure your site keeps running smoothly.

    FREE WordPress Installation

    Not everybody has the skills to install WordPress correctly on a server. When you do your hosting with us it doesn't matter, because it's a fully automated process.

    FREE Theme Setup

    When activating a WordPress theme you can be confronted with a blank screen. Then what..? No worries, WordPress installation is following with automated theme activation as well. Including all of its content

    FREE Photopack (value $55!)

    *When available, you can save a ton of time with the Photopack. An premium product where you get all the images of the theme, making sure your site will look exactly like the one in the demo.

  • I really like the free trials because it allows us website designers to present a demo website to potential clients with their logo and some pictures to give them an idea of what they can have with out purchasing first. It is a real nice feature I hope sill stay in place.

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