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    mail setup

    I've bought a theme and hosting package. How do I setup my email?


    ​To setup your mail we need to know the domain name you wish to use for your website.

    ​ ​If you already registered your domain, we need to transfer that domain. This is necessary for us to perform mail forwarding.

    ​ After the domain is transferred we need to know:

    ​ ​1. The domain-related email address you'd like to use
    ​2. A Gmail email address to use as a mail forward (you're going to send and receive emails through the domain-related email address using this email address).

    ​ Afterwards we're going to:

    ​ ​a. configure the email for your domain using the Gmail account you've provided us
    ​b. send you 2 simple instructions so you'll be able to send domain related emails from your Gmail account.

    ​ ​After you performed the instructions the email setup is finished.


    domain transfer

    Why do I need to transfer my domain for the mail setup?


    We use mail forwarding. To be able to forward an email you need to configure extra DNS records. These are registered at the domain level. If we don't have access to the domain (it's not transferred to us) we cannot add this DNS entry and thus cannot setup the requested email forward service.



    Why do I need to provide a Gmail email address?


    We use mail forwarding. This means we need a non-domain related email address to forward the mail to.

  • Mail Setup Form

    Use this form if you've bought a theme and hosting package with mail setup.