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Winery WordPress Theme

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  • The Winery Wordpress Theme - a modern professional look for Winery businesses

    desktop screenshot of the WordPress theme 'Winery Wordpress Theme'
    laptop screenshot WordPress theme 'Winery Wordpress Theme'
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    mobile phone screenshot WordPress theme 'Winery Wordpress Theme'
  • The Winery Wordpress Theme was designed along the requirements of wine makers and Winery businesses. This means it contains the most important and basic features any Winery expert would want to have on their site and more. It has an appealing desing and layout. Combine this with a easy-maintenance UI, a mobile optimized design and out-of-the-box installation. And you have a powerhouse Winery Wordpress Theme for you to go online with.

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  • Amazing design with the responsive Winery Wordpress Theme

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    landscape iphone mobile of WordPress theme 'Winery Wordpress Theme'
    portrait iphone mobile of WordPress theme 'Winery Wordpress Theme'
  • Mobile is the way to go and the Responsive Winery Wordpress Theme makes your site easy for visitors to navigate to via their favorite mobile device. Our responsive WordPress theme automatically adjusts to any screen size. Not only that but you never have to worry about using a plug-in to make manual adjustments since this feature is baked right in. No coding needed!

  • Specifications

    WP Theme NameWinery Wordpress Theme
    WP CompatibilityTested with WP 4.4 up to WP 4.7 (recommended)
    Support ManualView Support Manual
    Web designerAlice
    Change logView changelog on GitHub
    Latest release
    PhotopackList of referenced photos available upon request

This WordPress theme includes

Optimized for Mobile, Tablets, Laptops & Desktops (Responsive)
12 Months Updates
12 Months Support
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