• WordPress Themes Optimized For Your Businesses Niche

  • WordPress Themes Optimized For Your Businesses Niche

  • Website Hosting (exclusive to Resellers)

  • Step 1:
    Become a Reseller

    After you've purchased a website package you'll receive your personal environment where you can immediately start building your site with our award-winning website builder

  • Step 2:
    Build Your Website

    We're no ordinary hosting provider. With our in-built portfolio of over 200 business oriented themes you'll be sure to get a head-start with your personal business website.

  • Step 3:
    Get online!

    A domain name and e-mail setup is included in the package. That means that if you're happy with the site you've build you're ready to go online and reap the financial benefits.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • I already have a domain name, can I still use your hosting?

      Yes, if you have a domain already registered at another hosting provider, you can still use our solution.

    • I need my website hosted on a server in the country I live in. Is this possible?

      Yes, our servers are all over the world and probably includes the country / region you reside.

    • What happens when I want to move to another hosting provider?

      You have the ability to leave anytime, change the DNS and get a new host. E.g. you own your site and domain.

    • The stability of the hosting as well as the support is important and as a new entry into hosting what makes me want to use it?

      There are a number of reasons which makes us a very reputable hosting service:
      1. Our architecture is based on the tried and true service of Amazon Cloudhosting.
      2. We have more than 1500 sites already operational.
      3. We eat our own dogfood since we use our own hosting solution.

    • Are the photos of the photopack included?

      You are responsible to arrange appropriate licenses for the photos on the site. We can help you arrange the licenses for the photos in the photopack of the themes, if you decide to purchase the photopack for that theme. Using the photos without having the appropriate license is a copyright violation for which you hold the responsibility.

    • What is the additional annual fee for having a hosted solution after the first year?

      The annual fee is 110 USDs (this is a combined package, including the theme, updates, mail setup, hosting and domain)

    • Godaddy's (or any other hosting provider) pricing is a bit less. Can I get a cheaper prize?

      Godaddy's hosting cannot be simply compared to our hosted solution. For one with Godaddy the theme is not included. That means our annual hosted solution prize for one site is: 97 euros - the prize of a theme (67 euros) = 30 euros for one year of hosting.

    • I already have a domain name, can I still use your hosting?

      Yes, if you have a domain already registered at another hosting provider, you can still use our solution.

    • Who can use the Hosted Solution?

      The Hosted Solution is an exclusive service we offer to our Resellers. If you are not a reseller, this means you can't use our hosted solution.

  • A Proven Trackrecord

    No we're no GoDaddy and we don't want to be. That being said, we're definitely no new kid on the block. Because our Amazon based cloud hosting service already powers thousands of sites.

  • No coding skill necessary

    A lot of business owners struggle with the technical aspects of websites. Not only of hosting but also of site maintenance. That's a thing of the past since no coding skills are needed to maintain your website with us.

  • Time Saving Maintenance

    The perfect match of our templates and your business combined with the intuitive way of website customizations and maintenance offers you the ability to spend more time attracting new clients.

  • Database Backups

    Our automated and manual backup regime makes sure you're safeguarded against unwanted attacks and accidental content deletions by yourself or the person in charge of site maintenance.

  • Solid Uptime

    The internet is 24/7 so your site needs to be as well. There aren't many certainties in life but the performance and uptime of your site comes very close to being one.

  • Unrivalled support

    Being able to get your questions answered by real world people is a must for many people. With our dedicated support staff you can be assured of support at times you need it.

  • Front-end Editing

    With our front-end editor you can edit any image while looking at it instead of moving to a uninspiring backend area. This makes for a faster, livelier and more reliable page layout editing.

  • Beautiful Mobile Designs

    A mobile optimized design has become a standard in todays websites. Our entire portfolio supports this notion and makes your site shine whatever devices it is displayed on.

  • Auto Updates

    We do our best to ensure your environment (server, website, etc.) is up to date and stays up to date. It reduces the risk of unwanted access to your site and makes sure your site keeps running smoothly.