• WordPress Themes Optimized For Your Businesses Niche

  • WordPress Themes Optimized For Your Businesses Niche

  • Reseller Program

  • Join the Community

    Join a community of like-minded individuals who all share the same passion of being able to run their own business and move towards financial freedom. Share stories and experiences, meet new friends and do what’s most important in these times: go out and connect on a very human level.

  • Have an Impact

    Get involved and share your thoughts about how we can improve the tools that’ll break down the roadblocks standing between you and financial abundance. Add your voice and your personal insight to our change request process so you and the entire community can benefit from it.

  • Start Making Money

    Go from 0 to 60 at light speed with the tools that we’ll make available. The core being our theme portfolio of hundreds of business oriented themes. But it also includes our white label turnkey studio solution to host all your current sites and build new ones all without having to think about the technical intricacies.

  • What You Need To Know About the Reseller Program

    • Why should I sign up for the Reseller Program?

      Our ultimate goal is to be able to support online marketers in running their own business and have the flexibility that comes with financial freedom. We provide these people with a plethora of innovative tools to do so. So if your personal goal is aligned with the aforementioned one you should sign up.

    • Who should sign up for the Reseller Program?

      Our tools are especially designed to take away some if not all technical complexity in areas like programming, security, updates, hosting, servers, backups and the like. Online marketers who’s core strength lies in other areas than the ones we like to categorise as “technical innovation” will benefit the most from what we have to offer.

    • Is the Reseller Program an affiliate program?

      No. The Reseller Program is not an affiliate program where you get some form of commission for selling our themes. We call it the “Reseller Program” because it provides its users to take the entirety of our product line, repackage it as you see fit with your own prices, and resell it as a white-label concept.

    • How much does a theme cost for a reseller?

      When you join the Reseller Program you get access to you personal Studio environment. You cannot buy themes in the studio. If you want to buy themes, and be more self-reliant, e.g. do the hosting et al. yourself, we already facilitate that need with our theme shop. The studio is your personal sandbox environment to extend and maintain your websites (based on our theme catalogue). It has a pay-as-go characteristic, where you pay for each website you publish. For each published site (including mail and domain) you pay 110 USD / year.

    • Do I get unlimited access to your themes?

      Technically speaking a theme isn’t a paid product within the studio. The studio is meant to built websites based on any theme from our theme catalogue. You don’t pay for a theme, you pay for a hosted website after it’s published. So a theme can only be used within the Studio in the context of a new website. It can’t be bought, downloaded or manipulated in any other way.

    • Are there costs involved when signing up?

      Becoming a Reseller is free and gives you get access to the tools, the community and our community driven development process. If you decide to use our tools to host sites, with domain names, photo licenses and what not there are other costs involved on a per site basis. Current fees include:

      Hosting is a paid service after a studio website publication (110 USD / year billed yearly)

    • Is there a lock-in for resellers who build their sites using your tools?

      No. You are free to migrate all that you’ve build using our tools to another service provider. Clients that decide to do so lose access to the studio and its associated features and support.

    • Can I show the Nexus Themes on my portfolio site as a white-label concept?

      Yes, you can use one of our themes for your portfolio site, or use your existing website. In both cases with the help of our "portfolio plugin" you have the ability to show the entire theme catalogue in your site. There are no banners, logos, ads or other things involved. And we have dozens of internet marketing related themes for you to use.

    • I have another question that's not listed

      Please send your question to support@nexusthemes.com and use the subject "reseller question".

  • What's Else Is Included?

  • A Service Provider You Can Trust

    If the quality of your web design business is at stake where do you put your trust? In the hands of a designer who makes $10 themes at Themeforest? A developer who makes free plugins for the fun of it? Or in the hands of a professional organization with thousands of clients, dedicated support staff and expertly skilled designers and developers. You choose.

  • No Coding Skills Necessary

    If we could name one area that drains any web designer of his or her valuable time it would be custom coding. However, custom coding and your lack of knowledge in this area is no longer a factor in the design process. That's because none of our themes use it and the most technical areas of website maintenance, like WordPress installations, updates and backups have been automated by us.

  • Includes Entire 600+ Theme Portfolio

    You no longer have to invest chunks of your time trying to find the right theme that suits your client's needs.

    Our entire theme portfolio is available for website resellers. Simply click which one you want and within seconds you'll have a fresh WordPress installation with the theme installed.

  • Unrivalled Support

    If you face a certain challenge when designing sites for your clients, peace of mind comes from knowing that there's somebody out there who can help you. We have a dedicated support staff you can email, a live chat feature within any theme and a video library of hundreds of tutorials to help you when you get stuck.

  • It’s Like Your Personal Web Developer - Taking Care Of All the Technical Stuff

    Entrusting the most technical aspects of your web design workflow to us, means that you can spend your valuable time and resources to more important things. Like providing first class service to your own clients, expanding your business and generally doing what you love instead of doing what’s necessary from a technical perspective.

  • Whitelabel Theme Portfolio

    You can integrate our entire theme portfolio as a white label within your own site. That means that instantly you can portray yourself as the expert within one or more business niches and guide your client towards the perfect template of his or her choosing.

  • Database Backups

    Have you ever wanted to restore your site and failed to have a backup regime in place..? You don't want to be in that position.

    The backup regime that comes with our hosted solution comprises both periodic backups and manual backups. Restoring your site, whatever the reason, is as simple as clicking in a list of backups.

  • Websites That Run As Smooth As Silk

    You have to be able to rely on the fact that the websites you make for your clients are up and running 24/7. Therefore we provide the best cloud hosting services the market has to offer. With datacenters in 9 different regions around the world and the latest technology and processing speed powering your hard work.

  • WordPress Updates

    According to WordPress.org it takes 14 highly technical steps to correctly update your WordPress site. Do you know which one? 

    Being a Website Reseller for Nexus Themes means you'll always run on the latest version of WordPress, minimizing the effect of getting hacked because of security issues.

  • Stand On the Shoulders of Professional Web Designers

    You don’t have to be a top-notch web designer to sell great looking fully responsive sites. We already have done the heavy lifting for you. Our entire portfolio of hundreds of themes focuses on individual business niches and is made by a small team of passionate and dedicated professional designers.

  • Save Time Designing a Website

    There's a huge gap between starting with a blank theme and having a fully fledged website for which you will actually get paid. We've drastically reduced the time it will take you to reach that point because of the business oriented nature of our themes. Ensuring you'll get a head start in the design process by incorporating all of the content, business features and images of the demo site.

  • Adjust Layout and Design On the Fly

    Nothing is as frustrating as a client who continuously changing his mind about some layout or design aspect. But wishing this kind of behavior wouldn't happen is something else than having the tools to be able to handle it. 

    Our front-end editor enables flexibility and ease-of-use and let’s you deal with fickle clients and changing requirements.

  • Mobile Optimized Designs

    Mobile optimized websites have become a requirement for any web designer. At the same time this is one of the most complex parts of the design process. The framework which powers each theme handles it all for you. Whether you're watching the site on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Whether it's Safari, Chrome, or Firefox you can be assured of the fact the site is mobile optimized for the most popular platforms and devices.

  • Features Galore

    A lot of times designers are obliged to use a multitude of plugins to achieve little things. Like displaying a Twitter feed or an image gallery. This all adds up to heightening the risk of breaking the sites functionality, lowering page load times, getting hacked because of security leaks, incompatible and non-mobile optimized web design etc. With our themes you literally have access to dozens of out-of-the box features. Negating the use of trivial plugins and their accompanying problems and risks.