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PC Repair WordPress theme

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  • The Pc Repair Wordpress Theme - the professional online solution for repair technicians

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  • It's a beautiful thing if you can get paid for what drives you. However, much need to be done to create a living from your passion. And one of those things is making sure your website is a reflection of this true passon. With the Pc Repair Wordpress Theme we've incorporated a design which both serves your main services and boosts your bottom line.

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  • What is a Computer Repair business that doesn't adhere to the latest web design trends. We understand that web design is completely different from your specific trade, but your clients don't care. They want to see a rock solid website that gives the best user experience no matter what device they use. The good news is that the fully responsive Pc Repair Wordpress Theme will do just that without any coding form your part, without any external plugins and without you ever again having to think about it. Even after you start expanding your website.

This WordPress theme includes

Optimized for Mobile, Tablets, Laptops & Desktops (Responsive)
12 Months Updates
12 Months Support
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