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    Word of mouth is one thing, but a professional online presence featuring client testimonials and a portfolio of your work can help seal the deal. Building a responsive home renovation website with the Home Improvement WordPress theme is quick and easy, even if you've never built a website before. Its elegant design and clean layout provide a solid framework for your personal style. Display photos of your home remodeling projects in beautiful image galleries and share your company history and list of awards. It's all set up and waiting for your photos and text. Besides staples like a contact page and blog, we've included a remodeling questionnaire form to encourage visitors to take the first step in planning a home improvement project. No coding skills are required to customize the color scheme and style your content thanks to our unique front-end editing tool. This premium website template for home improvement businesses comes with built-in social media integration and a helpful SEO manager to raise your online profile. A great-looking, professional website for your home remodeling business is within your reach when you start with the Home Improvement WordPress theme.

  • Home Improvement WordPress Theme Business Features

    Color palettes

    Change the color scheme of your entire website instantly just by opening the color picker and clicking and dragging in the box until you find the perfect hues to match your signature style.

    Eliminates coding

    Personalize the look and feel of the Home Improvement WordPress Theme with just a few clicks through our integrated color palette. No hand coding necessary!


    The Home Improvement WordPress Theme has one of the most impressive front-end maintenance interfaces in the world. Building a site has never been this easy.

    Inspiring mobile design

    Building your website with the responsive Home Improvement WordPress Theme ensures that your content will render beautifully on any screen size, across all mobile devices.

    Online submission forms

    Keep track of client info and queries submitted through the contact and mailing list sign-up forms on your website with our convenient, downloadable overview.

    Support you can count on

    If you hold a valid license Home Improvement WordPress Theme License, you'll gain access to around the clock support, consisting of email support, live support and an extensive video tutorial library.

    Trust icons

    As a business owner, time is scarce-which is why the Home Improvement WordPress Theme comes with excellent content, already built-in. To take advantage of it simply replace the default text with yours.

    Multimedia blog pages

    The Home Improvement WordPress Theme makes it easy to add content and features to your website. Click on a blank widget to assign it text, video, a gallery or a variety of other content types.

    Awards page

    The Awards page on the Home Improvement WordPress theme is set up with charts that allow you to neatly display your list of achievements.

    Contact page with form

    The Home Improvement WordPress theme's feature-rich contact page includes an integrated Google map, route planner and built-in contact form.

    Effective SEO

    Our understandable SEO manager demystifies the task of optimizing your site for higher search engine rankings, with clear feedback on where you've done well and what needs improvement.

    History and values

    Introduce your team and share your approach to personal service on the Home Improvement WordPress theme's About Us page. Also included are spaces for logos from your professional associations.

    Made for home renovators

    Ideal for any home remodeling website, the Home Improvement WordPress theme is made specifically with the needs of the home renovation industry in mind.

    Modern, professional design

    The Home Improvement WordPress theme features a clean, modern design to showcase your home renovation work. Its flexible layout can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

    Multiple image galleries

    Display beautiful photo galleries for each type of home renovation service in two, three or four columns. Clicking on any thumbnail opens the image in an elegant lightbox slideshow.

    News blog

    Share news about your home remodeling projects on the Home Improvement WordPress theme's built-in blog. Regularly adding relevant content can help boost search engine rankings.

    Remodeling questionnaire

    This website template for home improvement businesses includes a customizable form that allows prospective clients to provide you with important details about a renovation project any time.

    Services overview

    The homepage of the Home Improvement WordPress theme is set up with an appealing overview of your services, offering visitors quick navigation to examples of your work.

    Social media integration

    The Home Improvement WordPress theme comes packaged with icons for the most popular social media platforms. Use widgets to post a Twitter feed, Facebook like wall or Flickr gallery.

    Testimonials page

    Convey social proof of your professional, friendly service on the Testimonials page of the Home Improvement WordPress theme. Simply replace the text to display your quotes styled as you see here.

    • Eye-catching Home Improvement Wordpress Theme That Works Well On Any Device

      Want a sleek mobile version of your website to impress visitors who use smartphones and tablets to browse your pages? Then you'll be glad to know that this responsive Home Improvement Wordpress Theme is mobile-optimized for every type of handheld device. Without any additional coding or plugins, the layout of your content will automatically adjust to display beautifully and work perfectly on every screen size. As you add new pages and galleries to your site, or as new mobile devices enter the market, the Home Improvement Wordpress Theme ensures that your website will remain effortlessly mobile-friendly.

  • Attract New Clients For Your Home Improvement Business Online

    The Home Improvement WordPress theme is designed to help you promote your home remodeling services online through a professional website. Customize the colors and styling without any coding at all.

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  • How do our clients compare us with our competitors

    If you’re starting out with Divi you’ll definitely need a lot of technical knowledge about how to build a WordPress website. I sell sites based on a Nexus theme when clients say they want to be able to maintain their site themselves. Nexus themes is perfect when you don’t want to get stuck providing support all the time with trivial issues. Everybody can drag a new row and fill in a piece of text or upload an image. It just works. My clients are more than happy, and they come back to me willing to pay for work I really want to do for them.

    Roger Thompson - New York

    It may sound nice that with Elegant Themes you can buy over 80 themes for a dollar a piece. But after you do like I did, you’ll quickly find out that the money you might have saved will be spent investing time into every theme because they don’t all work the same. For me this actually proved to be much more costly in the long run, because I can’t bill my clients for time invested into learning a theme. With Nexus Themes EVERY theme works exactly the same way, so every time I use them for a new project there hardly any downtime figuring out how it all works. And their themes we’re already much easier to work with from the start anyway.

    Sophie Crawford - Florida

    My friend and I both started our own business and were on a tight budget when it came to a new website. We did a lot of research up front and in the end had to decide between Beaver Builder and Nexus Themes. My friend went for Beaver Builder because it was also touted as being very easy to use for beginners. I have to admit that in the end she was able to do some basic layout stuff which is a good thing for a very non-technical person. But still she was frustrated with how long it took her to build a site. The plugin cost her $99 dollars and doesn’t ship with a theme. She had to lay down an extra $59 dollars for a premium theme on top of that and was staring at a blank screen for a very long time before she asked me to help her out. When she later found out my new life coach site was already finished and it had been cheaper as well she regretted her decision. The key difference wasn’t that the editor of Nexus was that much easier to use, but the theme did ship with all of the content.

    Debra Harden - California

    Visual Composer is far more complex than Nexus Themes, for sure. If you build a site for someone with the help of Visual Composer, you’ll also get a huge overhead of support questions with it, because it’s just much more difficult to use than a Nexus theme. I was looking for a foolproof turnkey solution and with Nexus, basically the only thing that can go wrong is the installation of the theme itself. But when it’s activated you have a website which is almost done. And if you want to edit something it’s extremely easy to do. Because that turnkey basis… that’s what a Nexus theme does best.

    John Lindsey - Missouri

  • Theme Photos - A Huge Time Saver

    "With other theme providers I either get no images or ones I can't use anyway for the site I'm building. It speaks volumes about the way you want to help out by displaying the information about what photos you used. Thanks a million :) I pick the ones I like, buy the proper license, use them from your demo site for the right aspect ratio and the work is done!"

    Denise Rhoads - Texas

  • 123rf - 17018807

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    123rf - 6739305

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    123rf - 6739286

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    123rf - 6761237

  • About the Photos

    The stock photos you see in the demo site are not included with the theme's purchase. Redistributing them to a theme buyer would imply a copyright violation for us. However, we do want to provide you with the ability to obtain a license for yourself if you would like to use the photos from the demo. You can do so by following the links in the photopack table below.

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