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Grapery WordPress Theme

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  • The Grapery Wordpress Theme - get your Winery services online

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    tablet screenshot WordPress theme 'Grapery Wordpress Theme'
    mobile phone screenshot WordPress theme 'Grapery Wordpress Theme'
  • The Grapery Wordpress Theme offers an efficient and easy way to present your Winery business on the internet. We've invested great amounts of time to research what it requires to present a Winery organization online in an optimal way. The result is the product you are looking at right now. Among many other things, it features a turnkey installation that ensures your site structure is up and running in minutes. After the installation the fine tuning phase can start. Our Grapery Wordpress Theme truly is the most efficient way to present your Winery organization on the internet in a professional way.

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  • Responsive design at your finger tips with the Grapery Wordpress Theme

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    portrait iphone mobile of WordPress theme 'Grapery Wordpress Theme'
  • Offer potential clients who are searching online a user-friendly mobile version of your website that looks great and works perfectly on any type of mobile device! When you build your website with our responsive Grapery Wordpress Theme, our mobile-optimized design will automatically adjust the layout of your content to display beautifully on any screen size, without any plugins, coding or extra effort required. Mobile visitors will enjoy the same professional look and functionality of the desktop version, together with responsive videos, photo galleries, and contact forms. Users can simply tap your phone number to dial or tap your email to send a message.

  • Specifications

    WP Theme NameGrapery Wordpress Theme
    WP CompatibilityTested with WP 4.4 up to WP 4.8 (recommended)
    Support ManualView Support Manual
    Web designerEmma
    Change logView changelog on GitHub
    Latest release
    PhotopackList of referenced photos available upon request

This WordPress theme includes

Optimized for Mobile, Tablets, Laptops & Desktops (Responsive)
12 Months Updates
12 Months Support
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700+ Support YouTube Videos
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