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Food Magazine WordPress Theme

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  • The Food Magazine Wordpress Theme - bringing your Recipes business online

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  • We're proud to be able to serve the Recipes industry with this Food Magazine Wordpress Theme. With care and dedication we've created a website template that serves the Recipes industry as good as possible. With a design that adheres to only the best of web design best practices. For in the end it's the Recipes services that should matter and the call to actions that should be in place and make sense. And they are. We've done our best to encapsulate the world of Recipes in a solid and professional online package that best serves your business. And we've further enhanced it by ensuring you never have to touch a line of code with our editor and have full access to multiple support channels and updates.

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  • A fully responsive design with the Food Magazine Wordpress Theme

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  • Ensure that all visitors to your Recipes website enjoy a fabulous online experience when you build your site with the responsive Food Magazine Wordpress Theme. Our mobile-optimized design will automatically adjust the layout of your content to display neatly with intuitive navigation on any screen size. Mobile visitors will be treated to the same gorgeous full-width photos and user-friendly functionality as the desktop version, plus the ability to tap your phone number to dial or tap your email to open a new draft. As you add new content, you can feel confident that your website is future-proof, sure to look great even on the latest mobile devices.

  • Specifications

    WP Theme NameFood Magazine Wordpress Theme
    WP CompatibilityTested with WP 4.4 up to WP 4.8 (recommended)
    Support ManualView Support Manual
    Web designerIngrid
    Change logView changelog on GitHub
    Latest release
    PhotopackList of referenced photos available upon request

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12 Months Updates
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