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  • The Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme - A Fresh Look For Plastic Surgery Websites

    Visitors who are curious about cosmetic procedures will appreciate learning about your plastic surgery clinic through an inviting and informative website. With the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress theme, we've already done all the research into what makes a great website for plastic surgeons and set it all up so all you need to do is fill in your own text and photos. Here you'll find pages for before-and-after image galleries, detailed descriptions of common procedures, and information about financing. On the Patient Resources page, list answers to your most frequently asked questions and provide links to PDF forms or brochures that patients can download and print. The built-in consultation request form can be customized to suit your needs, and client information submitted through the form is easily viewed with our convenient downloadable overview. This premium WP template includes helpful business features like integrated social media and an SEO manager to help you achieve higher search engine rankings. The Cosmetic Surgery WordPress theme makes it manageable and affordable to beautifully present your clinic online so you can reach a whole new client base and help more people look and feel their best.

  • Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme Business Features

    Made for cosmetic surgery clinics

    Unlike the average WP template you can find on the internet, the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress theme was designed specifically to create a professional online presence for plastic surgery clinics.

    Clear calls to action

    Your contact info is displayed prominently on every page of the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress theme, and an eye-catching call-to-action on the sidebar encourages visitors to request a consultation.

    Custom color scheme

    Personalize the color scheme of the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress theme just by clicking and dragging on the color picker until you find the perfect hue.

    Contact page with map

    Show visitors clear contact information and help them plan a visit to your plastic surgery clinic with an integrated Google map and route planner.

    Clean, modern design

    The Cosmetic Surgery WordPress theme features an accessible, easy-to-navigate design that gets visitors excited about your unique services.

    Frequently asked questions

    Answer the questions that are most frequently asked about your cosmetic procedures through the FAQ section on the Patient Resources page of this Cosmetic Surgery WP theme.

    Flexible page design

    Our front-end editing tool allows to you easily create multi-columned page layouts, a simple way to enhance your website's appeal.

    Upload printable forms

    The Cosmetic Surgery WordPress theme allows you to include links to PDF forms and brochures that patients can print out and read or fill out at home.

    No coding, just configuring

    Customize the colors and layout of your website with our powerful yet intuitive front-end editing tool, no hand coding necessary!


    Treat visitors who use smartphones or tablets to view your pages to a great mobile experience with the fully responsive Cosmetic Surgery WordPress theme.

    Online consultation request

    One way of gathering important information about people potentially interested in your services is by letting them fill in the consultation request form online.

    Financing page

    The cost of cosmetic surgery is a concern for most patients. Provide important information about financing options on the dedicated page of this web template for plastic surgery clinics.

    Effective SEO made easy

    With the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress theme we demystify Search Engine Optimization so you can harvest the power to gain more relevant traffic.

    Informative service pages

    Pages are set up for each type of procedure, with placeholder images and plenty of space to go into detail. The sidebar shows quick links to important pages and encourages visitors to get in touch.

    Social media integration

    Encourage visitors to follow your brand on your social channels like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. This pre-built website template will display all your social channels on your website.

    Top-notch tech support

    Your valid user's license entitles you to top-notch tech support, including a library of tutorials, FAQs, a YouTube channel, online chat and even live conversations with shared screen.

    Stylish biography page

    The Cosmetic Surgery WordPress theme has a built-in About Us page where you can list your team of surgeons and staff, adding a personal touch to your website.

    Testimonials section

    Share what your satisfied patients are saying on the testimonials section of the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress theme's homepage. Just replace the text to display your quotes styled as you see here.

    Up and running in no time

    With the turnkey installation you get your site up and running in no time, because the theme creates all of the initial content, design and layout from our demo site.

    Rich set of widgets

    To add new content or features to your pages, click on a blank widget and assign it text, video, a Twitter feed or any of a variety of other styling and content types available.

  • Modern Design With The Responsive Cosmetic Surgery Wordpress Theme

    Your Plastic Surgery website should make a professional impression on every screen size. You'll be glad to know that when you build your website with the responsive Cosmetic Surgery Wordpress Theme, your pages will automatically adjust the layout of your content to display neatly on every type of handheld device. No extra coding or plugins are required! As you add new posts and pages to your site, you can feel confident that the mobile version of your website will look great and work perfectly on all browsers, smartphones and tablets.

  • Provide Information And Reassurance For Your Patients Online

    The Cosmetic Surgery WordPress theme is designed to help you quickly build a comprehensive website for your plastic surgery clinic, complete with before and after photo galleries and downloadable forms and brochures. Everything you need is set up and waiting for your own text and images.

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