• The Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme - Easily Build A Website For Your Car Repair Business

    Shift your auto repair business into the next gear when you build your website with the Auto Mechanic WordPress theme! Its bright, cheery design and clean layout convey a message of friendliness and trustworthiness, and convenient features like online appointment booking and printable coupons show visitors that you care about customer service. This pre-built website template for auto mechanics includes pages for your services, contact details, company profile and more, already set up with placeholder content and ready for your own text and images. If you'd like to change the color scheme or rearrange page layouts, this can all be done without any coding at all using our visual front end editor and drag and drop widgets. We've made it easy to create a custom look and feel even if you've never built a website before. You'll also get premium business features like integrated social media options, customizable contact forms and a built-in SEO manager for improved search engine rankings. Take the demo site for a spin and see how the Auto Mechanic WordPress theme can help your business attract new customers online and keep your regulars coming back!

  • Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme Business Features

    Colors to match your style

    Choose a customized color scheme for the Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme just by clicking and dragging on the color picker to find the shades that suit your style.

    Fully flexible layout

    The Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme comes with a front end editor that allows you to easily create multi-columned page layouts, to your heart's content.

    No hand coding

    Even for professional webdesigners needing to hand code stuff take lots of time. To create the distinct look-and-feel of the Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme literally zero hand coding was needed.

    Easy website maintenance

    With our signature front-end editor, you have a powerful tool that allows you to easily edit content and customize the look of your website with just a few clicks.

    Eye-catching mobile design

    Build your website with the responsive Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme and the layout of your content will automatically adjust to look great on any screen size.

    Tech support included

    A valid license entitles you to world class support. This includes standard email support, online chat, and an online video tutorial library.

    Turnkey Install

    The first time you activate the theme you will get an initial set of content through the turnkey feature. This guarantees that your site will be up and running for something like 80% within 1 minutes of your time.

    Click-to-add content widgets

    The Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme allows you to drag and drop or copy and paste widgets to customize page layouts. To add new features, click on a blank widget and assign it text, video or a variety of content types.

    Clear contact details

    The Auto Mechanic WordPress theme's contact page is built with useful features like an integrated Google map, route planner and a contact form that can be customized to suit your needs.

    Clickable calls to action

    Call to actions are a very important aspect of any website. These can be configured directly using the front end editor. Best of all, mobile visitors can just tap your phone number to dial.

    Coupons page

    The Auto Mechanic WordPress theme includes a coupons page for auto repair discounts and promotions. Upload your coupons or flyers as a PDF file that visitors can download and print.

    Featured services

    The homepage of the Auto Mechanic WordPress theme features a helpful overview with links to each of your service detail pages, offering clients a quick way to find out what you can do for them.

    Full-page image slider

    Besides a clean layout and an intuitive navigation structure for SEO purposes, the Auto Mechanic WordPress theme's design features an eye-catching, supersized background image slider.

    Introduce your team

    Share your approach to customer service and introduce your team of mechanics on the About pages of the Auto Mechanic WordPress theme, already set up with space for profile photos and text.

    Made for auto mechanics

    The Auto Mechanic WordPress theme was made with the specific business needs of an auto repair shop website in mind. All the important pages and features are already in place.

    Online reservations

    Allow visitors to schedule an appointment online anytime with the Auto Mechanic WordPress theme's built-in booking form. The fields can easily be customized to suit your needs.

    Promote your business

    The Auto Mechanic WordPress theme comes packaged with icons for popular social media platforms, ready for you to link to your pages and making it easy for clients to stay connected.

    Service detail pages

    Individual services each have their own dedicated page. With a whole array of page layout, video and image gallery options, you can showcase your knowledge, skills and expertise.

    Testimonials page

    There's no better promotion for your expert work and friendly service than testimonials from satisfied customers. Paste in your quotes to display them styled as you see here.

    Understandable SEO

    Our understandable SEO manager takes the mystery out of optimizing your website for improved search rankings, with clear feedback about where you've done well and what needs improvement.

    • Trustworthy Responsive Design With The Auto Mechanic Wordpress Theme

      The onset of the mobile industry challenged the traditional way of presenting yourself online. More specifically, the need for a mobile optimized design placed complex requirements on the design and layout of any website. With this responsive Auto Mechanic Wordpress Theme we've tackled one of the most difficult and most important aspects of any professional Car Repair website. Making sure your target audience get's the best user experience irrespective of device being used.

  • The Easiest Way To Get Your service station Website Online Fast

    Don't just rely on word of mouth, create a professional website for your car repair business with the Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme! This pre-built web template is ready for your own text and photos to help you get your services online fast.

  • No more wasting of your precious time to arrange stunning images; with the Photopack we will already did the heavy lifting for you

    Arranging good photos for a site is more difficult than you might think at first sight. Finding ones that look good is one thing, then to also ensure they are in sync with the other images on your site, the colours. And once you have finally found the ones you like its time to arrange the licenses for them, and hey, it appears those good looking photos aren't cheap after all. Only after you have taken the hurdle of the financial part, the next one arrives; cropping them in the right dimensions. O, wouldn't it be great, you wonder, if there would be a quick and easy solution to take care of all this pain? Well have we got news for you. Introducing the photopack; the easy and affordable way to get beautiful images on your site, in the shortest possible time!

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  • The Photopack - Money In The Bank

    Anybody who’s purchased premium themes before, when you go to buy it on Themeforest or wherever. You buy a premium theme, you pay good money for it. You get it, you install it, it doesn’t look anything like the demo. And you go “Jeez! I’m going to need the images.” Well, where are they? How am I going to install them? That darn photo pack of yours, that’s worth money in the bank to me.

    Martin Walker - California

    Bless you guys! You’re the only theme provider in the world that actually saves me time. Wish I'd found you sooner.

    Justin Walston - Michigan

  • Hassle free content control on your site - The Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme is Fully compatible with the Pods plugin

    Throughout any website you will find that the same information is presented and linked on multiple locations. Instead of cloning that information (resulting in a maintenance nightmare sooner or later), you can now store the information in a semantic way in one centralized place using Pods. Pods allows you to store information in a centralized place, which can then be rendered on multiple places on your site using templates. The Pods plugin has over 500.000 downloads and we have put all effort in ensuring our theme is compatible with it. Using Pods is a dream come true for any business owner that wants an easy way to manage information that is distributed on multiple places on the website. More information can be found in our support section.

  • Make Money Online by Selling Online on your own Website using WooCommerce

    WooCommerce has over 3 million installs worldwide. Turn your website into a full blown eCommerce website too by combining this theme with both the WooCommerce and WooBridge plugin. The integration is done in just 7 simple steps explained here.

  • One year of Support included ... Support you can count on

    Got a question? You ask, we answer! Not just in text, but for new types of questions often we even create personalized support videos. So far over 900 support videos were created for over 1500 different types of questions in more than 180 categories and updated on a daily basis to resolve your questions in the best way possible.

  • Join Other Service Station Owners Who have Become Raving Fans!

    The flexibility and ease-of-use of the Nexus Studio as well as the professional support that came with it made my choice for these guys a no brainer. Not only is their default package great value for money, custom development of additional functionality was also possible and delivered on time and within budget. Highly recommended!

    Matthijs Philip - Netherlands

    This is a great service you guys provide, money well spent!

    Shiva Pavaday - U.K.

    This template is freaking gorgeous! I am going to start purchasing a lot of these themes and building them out for clients, just brilliant!

    Kris Kancler - U.S.

  • How do our clients compare us with our competitors

    If you’re starting out with Divi you’ll definitely need a lot of technical knowledge about how to build a WordPress website. I sell sites based on a Nexus theme when clients say they want to be able to maintain their site themselves. Nexus themes is perfect when you don’t want to get stuck providing support all the time with trivial issues. Everybody can drag a new row and fill in a piece of text or upload an image. It just works. My clients are more than happy, and they come back to me willing to pay for work I really want to do for them.

    Roger Thompson - New York

    It may sound nice that with Elegant Themes you can buy over 80 themes for a dollar a piece. But after you do like I did, you’ll quickly find out that the money you might have saved will be spent investing time into every theme because they don’t all work the same. For me this actually proved to be much more costly in the long run, because I can’t bill my clients for time invested into learning a theme. With Nexus Themes EVERY theme works exactly the same way, so every time I use them for a new project there hardly any downtime figuring out how it all works. And their themes we’re already much easier to work with from the start anyway.

    Sophie Crawford - Florida

    My friend and I both started our own business and were on a tight budget when it came to a new website. We did a lot of research up front and in the end had to decide between Beaver Builder and Nexus Themes. My friend went for Beaver Builder because it was also touted as being very easy to use for beginners. I have to admit that in the end she was able to do some basic layout stuff which is a good thing for a very non-technical person. But still she was frustrated with how long it took her to build a site. The plugin cost her $99 dollars and doesn’t ship with a theme. She had to lay down an extra $59 dollars for a premium theme on top of that and was staring at a blank screen for a very long time before she asked me to help her out. When she later found out my new life coach site was already finished and it had been cheaper as well she regretted her decision. The key difference wasn’t that the editor of Nexus was that much easier to use, but the theme did ship with all of the content.

    Debra Harden - California

    Visual Composer is far more complex than Nexus Themes, for sure. If you build a site for someone with the help of Visual Composer, you’ll also get a huge overhead of support questions with it, because it’s just much more difficult to use than a Nexus theme. I was looking for a foolproof turnkey solution and with Nexus, basically the only thing that can go wrong is the installation of the theme itself. But when it’s activated you have a website which is almost done. And if you want to edit something it’s extremely easy to do. Because that turnkey basis… that’s what a Nexus theme does best.

    John Lindsey - Missouri

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  • Product Specifications

    ThemeAuto Mechanic WordPress Theme
    Latest release | .. days ago | View changelog
    Support Manual 1535 questions and answers | Open Support Manual
    Widget ReadyYes
    Price65 USD (ex vat)
    PhotopackAvailable (optional add-on)
    Support (license)12 months | terms and conditions
    Updates (license)12 months | terms and conditions
    Refund policy30 days | terms and conditions

    Technical Specifications

    PHPRequires PHP 5.6 or higher (PHP 7.X recommended)
    WordPressTested with WP 4.4 up to WP 4.9 (recommended)