• Turning Online Marketeers Into Super Heroes!

  • Turning Online Marketeers Into Super Heroes!

  • Enhancing Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin

    March 6, 2013 | SEO | barkgj
  • Some months ago we spend some time to integrate the world famous SEO WordPress plugin of Yoast. If you run a set of SEO optimized WP websites you probably got yourself familiair with the plugin of Yoast. Its downloaded over many millions of times and likely one of the most famous plugins in the world.

  • Green, yellow and red SEO indicators

    The plugin basically parses each page/post in your site and output suggestions to improve the rankings in Google. These suggestions are presented in a good user experienced way. For example, each suggestion has a 'traffic light indicator' that shows up  as a green bulb if a SEO rule applies correctly, or yellow or red if it could be optimized. The more green bulbs you get, the better the page is optimized. Makes sense, right? Right!

  • Enhancing Yoast's SEO optimization experience

    In the image above you can see we managed to present the output of Yoasts's plugin at the front-end editor of our free opensource Nexus framework. The indicators not only show up in the front-end, they also update at runtime. So when you have your unoptimized article in front of you, the Yoast plugin could for example suggest to add a link to an external resource. You simple add a link to that external resource, and voila, the red SEO indicator magically turns green. The page refreshing we implemented uses so called 'client side' refreshes (AJAX calls). This means only these parts of the screen are updated that need to be updated. This eliminates annoying slow page refreshes and further enhanced the user experience.

  • One tiny favor

    We wrote the 'adapter' some time ago (it adapted to version We recently found out the latest version of the Yoast plugin (1.4.1) breaks our AJAX adapter. So each time a new version of the plugin is shipped, there's a chance it breaks our adapter which is a pitty. We therefore would like to ask the developers at Yoast for one tiny favor. Could you implement a public queryable interface that outputs the business rules and indicators based on an abstract "model"? In that way any third party plugin, framework, or theme could leverage the features of the plugin. If you follow the previous link, you can see we posted this favor on the forum of the plugin, hope to get some positive feedback :)

  • The Yoast AJAX adapter

    The following code shows how we adapter to the version of Yoast SEO plugin.

  • Johan van Seijen

    Johan van Seijen is co-founder and our lead designer. After gaining a Master's Degree in Information Science he decided to try his luck in the illustration industry, working for clients as Avantgarde, Cosmopolitan and Glamour. With the return to the software industry grew the desire to create something to be truly proud of and which could spearhead his ambition of having his own company. And Nexus ThemesĀ is what followed. He lives with his wife and daughter in Amsterdam.