• Which one is the best theme for music website?

  • Denton Thomas: "Which one is the best theme for music website?"

    Nexus Themes: Building a website is far less about the theme than it is about the way you create content. Creating content is done with either the default WordPress editor or a third-party plugin.

    I have yet to meet a web designer that only uses the default editor of WordPress. Most of them will point you in the direction of Elementor which is a website builder plugin.

    Elementor will need a theme to function though, since that's a requirement of running WordPress. I feel it's sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy but for some reason always Astra and OceanWP are the top two brand names when it comes themes needing to work with Elementor.

    Elementor, Astra and OceanWP all come in free versions. With any of the two combinations: Astra + Elementor or OceanWP + Elementor you can build a website from scratch for totally free

    Building a website from scratch takes a tremendous amount of time. That's why both theme providers AND Elementor come with pre-made demo sites. Astra calls them "starter sites" and OceanWP calls them "demo sites" and Elementor calls them "kits".

    Only Astra has a number of free starter sites but the only two related to music come in their premium agency bundle which will cost you 159 USD.

    All OceanWP demo sites are part of their premium bundle which will set you back at least $39. They have a single " music" layout. I don't think it's the best layout ever but I'm not the one needing to build a new site.

    I've looked at the entire catalogue of both theme providers. Astra Starter Sites are very slim in general consisting of only a handful of pages with the same features across the board. OceanWP has done a much better job with demo sites I would consider fully usable front to back.

    However, I've looked at all their demos and about 10 percent of them have broken features. Galleries are not working, icons do not display, text is black on black background. So take a good look at the demo before buying. I would not opt for Elementor Kits since they don't have any music related one.

    I would be very wary of basing your choice on an aggregated-content like post (the 40 best blabla). They are posts that serve only the purpose of garnering affiliate income. I've researched a lot of them since they provide fierce competition to my own company from a SEO standpoint. And I found out the actual information related as part of the theme description makes hardly any sense and provides little to no value other then being their as filler content.

    That being said if they provide value to you and you can quickly scan for a certain look-and-feel you like who am I to judge