• What theme you would recommend for a business which offers courses and digital products?

  • Emilija O'Quinn: "What theme you would recommend for business, which offers courses (both online and not online) and digital products (e-workbooks in PDF)."

    Nexus Themes: Unless there's something very specific about these products your choice doesn't really depend on the theme provider but on the ecommerce tool you want to use.

    Since the most obvious tool related to WordPress is WooCommerce you need to look for a theme which promotes itself as fully WooCommerce compatible. The most obvious choice there would naturally be WooCommerce themes.

    I have used their core Storefront theme and added some premium feature to make a useful webshop that's easy to maintain. WooCommece itself is one of the most complex plugins to use with WordPress but it's extremely well supported.

    I have bad experiences with WooCommerce support myself (like simply never providing an answer to your question) but if you're somewhat savvy there are thousands of content providers to help you with a whole slew of video tutorials.

    I would not opt for a pre-fab site template from another theme provider. From what I've seen in the marketplace, these layouts are suboptimal in general (I'm not saying they are useless, au contraire) and especially for ecommerce purposes I would always choose the most popular provider in the marketplace. Which is WooCommerce.

    A SAAS alternative would be Shopify but they have a much more sales-oriented lock-in nature with their "oh it's free but we'll try and push you towards our premium license forever and ever" model.