• What are good free and paid themes for blogging?

  • Arya Ewing: "Suggest me some Free and paid good themes for blogging. Thank you"

    Nexus Themes: The TwentyTwenty default WordPress theme is good simply because you know the best developers have worked on it. The foundation that has created WordPress is behind it so you know for sure it adheres to all the best practices related to theme development.

    The Hello WordPress theme was made by the same people who've created the most popular website builder currently available in the market: Elementor. The reason why you might choose this theme might not be because it is promoted as the fastest theme available, but because you know for sure it's optimized to work with the builder itself.

    The Astra theme is mentioned constantly in every group I'm part of. Very quickly they decided to ride the Elementor wave and extended its base functionality with a number of added modules. Apart from the Elementor compatibility the free version of Astra already holds a tremendous amount of functionality, which can be further extended with their premium package.

    Another contender is the OceanWP theme. Also a theme that's constantly being mentioned. And also a theme that promotes compatibility with a huge number of website builders, one of them the aforementioned Elementor. OceanWP also adds their own addons to Elementor with their dedicated "Ocean Elementor Widgets". It seems to become a common theme in the WordPress industry.

    The Divi theme is the only theme that has always been premium. Which might be one of the reasons they've been surpassed in terms of numbers by other brands which adhere to a freemium concept (like Astra and OceanWP). Divi has been developed by Nick Roach and his team at Elegant Themes, which is one of the oldest providers in the theme industry in general. I believe they exist since 2007, which was the start of the premium theme industry. To have a track record of being in existence for so long does mean something, and I believe it is reflected in the quality of Divi and its proprietary builder. Highly complex but stuffed to the gills with features which let's you make the most professional-looking websites around.