• Can You suggest me a good free theme for a Healthcare website?

  • Buddy Joyner: "can anyone suggest me a good free theme for a Healthcare website?"

    Nexus Themes: That's a slim description. But since you're looking for a WordPress theme within a certain industry my guess is you're more interested in the initial content than the theme itself.

    A theme is a very narrow piece of software that serves as the foundation for other tools to build a site. Activating a theme doesn't get you a healthcare website.

    Nowadays themes come with a multitude of pre-configured layouts based on a popular website builder tool. For example the Astra Starter Sites come with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy and Gutenberg. OceanWP demo sites are based on Elementor. GeneratePress' also feature Elementor.

    All of these examples make clear it's more about the configuration and what tool was used to do this configuration than it is about the theme itself. Since the theme provides nothing more than a way to obtain the pre-configured layout.

    Oftentimes if you go for a certain look-and-feel alone, you'll find yourself tampering with some exotic configuration based on a site builder and / or theme configuration that's not widely used and support in the WordPress community. This will ensure that in the long run you'll need to invest far more time than to just go for what's most popular right now (e.g. Elementor).

    In that respect I truly hate aggregated content and simple lists of themes. In the end these lists do not really serve the website visitor who's directed to a tool where he / she is forced to work in a suboptimal way. Working with Elementor can already be a pain in the behind if you're just staring out and trying to create the look you want. Working with some arbitrary theme and builder will only aggravate this scenario.