• Is there a best theme for ranking high on Google?

  • Asiyah Burgess: "Is there a 'Best Theme for Ranking high on Google"? I have Mezmeroize which is just 1 long page, is it better to have a theme with different pages or is 1 log page ok? My site is websites-more.com (yes I am trying to be a web designer lol it sad but I have a dream lol and I'm learning as much as I can as I go)"

    Nexus Themes: Ranking in Google can be achieved through either on-page optimization factors and of-page optimization factors.

    I would never recommend a 1-page website unless your of-page SEO factors can pull it off, which, considering the fact you ask this question, I would say are almost zero. And I'm not trying to belittle you.

    When starting with SEO you usually start with on-page stuff, like optimizing the content that resides on your website. And more content is better, always. It's like trying to hit a target. What increases your ability to hit the target? Having more or less arrows. What increases your ability to rank, having more or less content on your site? The answer is obvious and there is significant evidence as a foundation for this (it's having more content just to be clear).

    If you believe what I've written here you also haven't read anything related to a theme. That's because the theme doesn't matter at all for your on-page optimization efforts. Some will disagree with me with arguments about page-speed, but even if that we're to be true, in your case that's like the least important aspect of your on-page success with SEO.

    Creating content based on keyword research is what you should be looking for.