• Does Google penalize duplicate content?

  • Augusta Waterman: "[blog reposting] I am getting offered to repost blogs on my website, but I'm not sure: doesn't google penalise for copying and publishing exact same content from another website?

    How much would need to be changed if this is true?"

    Nexus Themes: Google does not penalize you for having duplicate content on your site. Duplicate content only helps you SEO-wise if it engages positively with your website visitors, causing KPI's like bounce rate, time-on-site, and pageviews to increase.

    What is "enough change" for duplicate content to become a ranking factor? That's a good question. It depends on what you want to rank for with the duplicate content. If the changes you make are not related to optimizing the page for a different keyword your changes of ranking (better) than the place where the content was originally published are probably very low.

    If the changes you make to the content are made in such a way that the content is optimized for a different keyword / key phrase, I have ample evidence that suggest this is a SEO-tactic that can you a ranking for the keyword and the accompanying organic traffic.

    Of course that is if all the ranking factors like relevance, competibility, and search volume support the notion of organic traffic.