• How safe is WordPress.org sites?

  • Frannie Neil: "How safe are WordPress.org sites? I just got off the phone with our current non-profit web builder who told me he will not build us a site using WordPress because sites are easily hacked and pose security risks top to the sites and plugins.

    He has managed the site for years however the organization board does not have access to make changes, so we asked if her couple does a WordPress site and gives us access. He said they only thing he could do it a different way with a data entry that would allow us to only access certain content. This confused me so I thought I would ask you all."

    Nexus Themes: Seems like a very oppionated man who is scary to lose control over his little anti-WordPress empire.

    WordPress is safe enough, especially if you have a working backup in place. When a show-stopping issue occurs with your site, a worst-case but viable solution can always be to restore a backup on another hosting provider's web server.