• How do I deal with a blogger who copied all of my content?

  • Kenrick Justice: "Some blogger from wordpress.com has copied many of my posts and published as it is, though he has linked it to my site as the source he has himself as author at the bottom.

    What should I do? Is it ok or should I do something?"

    Nexus Themes: All content is copyrighted unless explicitly stated otherwise. This means the blogger needs your approval before using all or part of your content. There are cases which can be deemed "fair-use", but from your description this isn't one of them.

    What you should do follows from what goal you have in mind. If you want the content removed you should take action to get this accomplished. A simple email informing the person of copyright infringement, clear evidence that points in this direction, and a request the content be taken down could suffice.

    If the person refuses, you move from a simple request into more legal territory. My advice would be that if you want this to actually contact a lawyer who specializes in copyright infringement cases. Since what the blogger should be receiving next is something you don't have the skills and expertise to commit to paper. That's lawyer stuff.

    Disclaimer: this post is not intended as legal advice and should not be used as such.