• What are pros and cons of using links in Instagram posts to drive traffic?

  • Cass Adcock: "Has anybody used Instagram to drive traffic to their blog and also put affiliate links on Instagram posts, any pros/cons is that just a shitty method?"

    Nexus Themes: Instagram, as does any social platform, wants to keep you in their ecosystem. That means that, unless you pay them for it through a premium account, linking to an outside source is a negative ranking factor within the platform. Meaning your post will be shown less likely than a similar post that does have a link.

    But there are a ton of other factors that make up why a person would decide to visitor your page and you don't even need a link for that within a description. A small workaround would be to make the link part of the image you post.

    In all honesty I would decide to figure out what engages with your audience on the particular platform, being Instagram, itself before deciding to re-funnel them to what's probably a landing page on your website. If you can't figure out what engages them on the platform you will never attract the eyeballs to click the link you want anyway.