• How do I change the product archive of my ecommerce site using Astra and Elementor?

  • Albert Dees: "I am pretty new to WordPress and made a ecommerce website watching youtube tutorials. Currently i am using OceanWP free theme and Elementor free version.

    My main problem is that i want to change the product archive style of my website. Currently i am doing it on my local host, hence i can't send you the link to show you. But I want the add to cart button, add to wishlist button and sale or out of stock button all over my product image. I am searching for the solution for past 7 -9 days but alas.

    To be most accurate i want the product archive style to be exactly as of the website http://thebongcollections.in/. Can u please help me with this. is it even possible with any other plugins or Elementor pro?"

    Nexus Themes: Without even looking at the example URL I would learn from the fact you stated you are searching for a solution for the past 9 days already and you call yourself "pretty new to WordPress".

    To give the answer to your question: yes, it can be done. Everything is possible in terms of site design. The only question is, how much are you willing to invest? And I would argue your design requirements are a bridge too far from where you stand and you should focus your resources somewhere else.

    If you really want to dig deep into custom web design I would like to recommend "essential training" courses on subjects like "WordPress", "HMTL", "CSS" and the like.