• What are your thoughts on Divi Scroll Effects?

  • Haseeb Emerson: "It seems like these tools just 2 years ago, were simple to use, but now they are becoming like ... well all Adobe products.
    Take Photoshop, I have no interest in learning how to master it, but I do know just enough to get by.
    Same goes for my video editing software Premiere Pro. I just wish I had the time and mental energy to leverage some of its features, but the reality is that I don't.
    Take a look at this new update to Divi which I think is outstanding.
    Elementor has a similar feature, but the interface is not as easy to work with.
    I know that despite how neat something is, its highly unlikely that I will end up using it.
    This is also where there is an opportunity for people that master these tools.
    Anyway, just some random thoughts.
    What do you think?


    Nexus Themes: Website builders we're indeed once a way of lowering the threshold for people, hardly or not versed in web design, to build their own site. Meaning they removed the need for hand coding and creating PHP templates to create intricate layouts with rows, columns and modules / widgets / features.

    But the race between competing builders has led them to incorporate more and more features of the exotic kind. This Divi example being one of them. That isn't necessarily a bad thing but it has not only removed the DIY nature of the product but actually increased their complexity and the need for a (skilled) web designer to use them.

    If web designers won't even use new features, it means other people won't even know how to use it. And in either case, the feature is far removed from what'll work for a site in terms of marketing, and maintenance. I think both Divi and Elementor operate on the same level as WordPress, a tool which has become highly complex after many iterations and has moved very far away from its simple blog origins. Again, not a bad thing per se, but a very impactful one for its user base.