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  • Can I purchase the Kindergarten Astra theme only from Nexus?

    Emma-Louise Robbins: "I'm wondering if I can just purchase a theme only from Nexus? I'm rebuildng/updating my current site and discovered the Astra Kindergarten theme which would be perfect for my business. Any ideas would be super appreciated"

    Nexus Themes: the Kindergarten Starter Site is not a theme, it's a starter site.

    A starter site is a pre-configured layout designed by the people from Astra. To be able to use the Kindergarten Starter Site you'll need the following:

    You'll need to install the Astra theme, which is freely available from the WordPress themes repository.

    You then need to install and activate the " Astra Premium Sites" plugin. With this plugin you are given the option to import any of the Starter Sites which are part of their Agency Bundle. The Kindergarten version being one of them. You can only activate this plugin with a valid license a $159. This plugin can be downloaded from within your Astra account.

    What is the best way to install WordPress?

    Mona Eliot: "IYO - What is the best way to install WP?

    I have installed it with Local by Flywheel but now I am questioning is it the right choice?

    Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you"

    Nexus Themes: If it works for you my best advice is always: "don't fix what isn't broken"

    Any tips for improving SEO for my website?

    Diana Palma: "I use wordpress and rankmath for my SEO and just learning about how to improve seo... any tips for improving SEO for my site?"

    Nexus Themes: This answer is a direct copy of one I already gave to somebody else who kind of asked the same question. Here goes

    Make sure your primary focus is on keyword research.

    IMO still the very best information on the subject is given by Market Samurai. Those guys haven't changed their content in over a decade and they don't need to. The essence of SEO, adding value with respect to a market demand, still is and always will be the same. It's what they call the "Golden Rules" of SEO and I can highly recommend them for any newbie to SEO. I watched them years ago and it has served as my foundation for SEO.

    At least watch the following videos:

    - Golden Rule #1: How to Find Relevant Keywords

    - Golden Rule #2: How to Find High Traffic Keywords

    - Golden Rule #3: How to Assess Market Competition

    - Golden Rule #4: How to Assess Commerciality

    What size images should I use for my website?

    Helen O'Connor: "I am creating my first WordPress website at the moment. I am just wondering which size of images I should put on the website. I like high-quality images so I wanna make them around 2 MB which is the limit per image. However I am also concerned the website would be sluggish. What is the best size for images?? Thank you for comments in advance."

    Nexus Themes: If the images are used to provide a visual context for content on your site, like a featured image accompanying a blog, using 2MB is way too big.

    I just did an arbitrary test with a screenshot taken from my laptop, scaled down to 1000 x 670 pixels and saved as a .jpg with medium quality within Photoshop (which is perfectly fine for web usage). The file size was 77KB. If you take into consideration that images on the web can usually be much smaller in terms of aspect ratio, the file size can be further reduced towards sizes between 10 - 30KB.

    Of course, specific usages might require specific file sizes that might be significantly larger (background images / slideshow images), but my recommendation would still be to reduce your intended file size with a factor of 100x.

    Can you make a Facebook ad with the WordPress logo?

    Robin Webb: "Does anyone know if I can make a facebook ad with the logo of wordpress on it? Its for an online course, and the logo would help for other users to identify it quickly"

    Nexus Themes: Using brands other than your own can never be used in any advertising campaign unless you have permission from the brand owner.

    The term "WordPress" is known within the ad platform of Facebook. This means that if you use it in your ad copy, the ad will not be approved automatically. The same goes for using the WordPress logo in the ad.

    It doesn't matter if your intentions are subjectively "good" and you only want to improve the recognizability of the ad. That's irrelevant from a legal perspective.

    And I wouldn't invest energy into obtaining approval from WordPress for its usage in Facebook ads. Your efforts are better spend somewhere else.