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  • Church Astra Starter Site

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    Filled to the brim with potent features, the fully renewed Church Astra Starter Site is a rock-solid WP theme for professionals in the church business. Items are extremely easy to customize with the state-of-the-art front-end editor. But that's not nearly all. Of course, all of this comes packaged in a fully mobile WordPress theme.

    Theme provider: Astra

    Website builder: Elementor

    Photos included with hosting: yes

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    Mosque WordPress Theme

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    The Mosque WordPress Theme is a mobile optimized theme for professional islamic scholars. It's packed with business features for this specific niche. Instead of starting from scratch, the turnkey installation let's you get a headstart by including the complete design and layout upon activating the theme. Easily editable and expandable, both in terms of content and design, and all without having to hand code a single line. The Mosque WordPress Theme is indeed a powerful tool in the arsenal of a professional web designer who has the noble task of providing a quality web presence for islamic scholars.

    Theme provider: Nexus

    Website builder: Nexus

    Photos included with hosting: no

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