• Quick Summary: The wedding DJ of today has greatly evolved since the days where hauling hundreds of records around was the norm. Technology, location, music variety and changing traditions means that to be current as a wedding DJ is to be able to adapt to your client's wishes. And those clients will take a look at your website, you can be sure of that. So when you have that change to make a first impression, be sure it's a great one. In this article we'll delve deeper into what differs a so-so website from a polished wedding DJ websites that will bring in new gigs.

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  • Why you would want a wedding DJ website

    Even if you've already made up your mind about having your own wedding DJ website, let's go over a couple of reasons why having your own place on the internet is such a good decision. Whether you're just starting out with your DJ business or have been rocking the socks of newly weds for the past couple of decades you probably understand or know firsthand the importance of word of mouth. It's a key ingredient of both fresh and returning customers.

    Since a wedding DJ can't really rely on returning clients (or your client has dealt with a divorce), most DJ's spread themselves out into other celebratory events, like bar mitzvahs, corporate events and parties of all kinds. And you want a place to showcase these different areas and how you've contributed to them in the past (if that's indeed the case).

    And no matter how succesful you become you can never have enough clients. What if your golden streak of the last couple of years dry up because of an economic downtime? It's always good to have to say no, be more flexible in what you wish you want to take on and maybe up your rate. And while word-of-mouth marketing is ephemeral a website is there to stay and has a chance to build up a reputation and authority in the eyes of that allmighty Google. Especially if you keep your site fresh and up-to-date and maybe even decide to blog about relevant topics for your intended audience.

    Besides all of the above, especially if you're talking about a wedding, people will want to hear (and see) what they're going to buy. And a website is the best place to put all kinds of media and showcase your skillset. In other words it's on your site where you can finetune the sales aspects of your trade. It's perfectly fine that you have a sales opportunity on the phone, but it's very difficult to convey the feeling of people enjoying your DJ skills without for instance looking at video of your last gig or listening to a track from soundcloud you've incorporated on your site.

    Going for the ultimate Wedding DJ template

    So how do you get from the idea of a wedding DJ website to actually having one? There are many templates out there, some better than others. In the following sections I will dig deeper into what makes a wedding DJ template a high-quality one. What to look out for in terms of content and functionality. After that I will cover various technological solutions and discuss pros and cons of each.

    Based on extensive research we've uncovered the following features that should cover the basics of what every professonal wedding DJ template should contain.

    Design your wedding DJ website for all devices

    It goes without saying that you want a website that underlines your professionalism as a DJ. You only got one shot at making that first impression. But you don't know how your website is being viewed. You might be referred by a past client who quickly wants to show your website to his friend who's going to marry in a couple of months. So when he reaches for his phone you want to make sure that your website renders perfectly on that particular device.

    Maybe afterwards the bride to be wants to take another at your site while sitting on the couch using a tablet or laptop. That's a very different device in terms of screen real estate. But of course you still want your website to look as sharp as on the phone.

    What you want is a wedding DJ site which is optimized no matter what the device being used to view. This is called mobile optimization or responsive design as the design "responds" to both the screen resolution and, in some cases, orientation of the device (portrait or landscape). Make sure the template you feel is perfect for the start of your own site looks great on a variety of devices. And preferably the configuring of the layout is done for you, since designing for various mobile devices can be very tricky.

    Share your music

    Music plays a crucial role and should be prominently featured. Why not create a dedicated section on your website where you prospective clients can listen to what you have in store for them. Make sure you mix things up. Maybe even have various sections for each of the type of event: wedding, corporate etc.

    One thing you absolutely should never do is put the the music and / or video files on the same server where your website is located. If you do this you could possibly slow down the performance of your site dramatically, making visiting your website a sub-par experience because of increasing loading times. The obvious go-to source for video is Youtube, or alternatively, Vimeo. They have the capacity and bandwidth to make sure video renders perfectly in your site, even when viewed on a mobile device.

    The same goes for music files. Even if they're not as bandwidth intensive as their video counterpart, you still never should put them on your website's server. Of course you could use Youtube to upload your music and use a still image as the background. Or a free streaming music service like Soundcloud is a perfect solution that can be integrated in popular platforms to build sites.

    Share customer reviews

    Another great tool in the arsenal of the professional wedding DJ and his or her website is the testimonial. A sort of surrogate word of mouth they come in many forms. The easiest ones are obviously the simple text ones. But don't underestimate their value in increasing the strength of your online sales pitch.

    But if you have a website anyway you can go all out and create video testimonials. The view of people enjoying themselves should be testimonial enough if you use it to your advantage and showcase it on your wedding DJ website. And actively requesting some possible testimonials while you or somebody else is shooting the vid doesn't hurt.

    Display an overview of your various areas of DJ expertise

    As mentioned before, a lot of wedding DJ's spread out in other areas besides weddings. Being a DJ on a wedding has become more difficult as more and more people jump the wedding DJ bandwagon. And there's little to no recurring money to be had from weddings. Whereas if you perform to the liking of a certain community that holds periodic events, you almost know for sure they'll be turning to you for their next big party.

    So let the website do the work for you. Expertly craft your various areas of expertise. You could state the more niche the better. Are you good at children's parties as well? Perfect, make a separate service surrounding this topic. Corporate parties within a certain specific business niche? Same thing. Celebrations within sport communities? You get the point. Make your site unique in such a way that you attract the audience you'd like to attract.

    An image gallery is a staple in websites that need to convey a strong visual aspect. The good thing about weddings, events and parties is that they lend themselves perfectly for taking authentic and fantastic looking photos. Especially if a professional photographer is present (almost always the case with weddings). There might even be a certain type of photobooth. From classic "hold this frame" type to the converted van. Or you yourself might should the occasional selfie from atop the stage.

    No matter who takes the picture or what's displayed, be sure to place your best snapshots on the site (after you've requested permission). And you can also take the best pictures and use them as backdrops for the rest of your wedding DJ site. Either way, including an image gallery is a must for any (aspiring) wedding DJ.

    Go social

    If you've opted for Youtube to upload some of your material, be sure to include a link to this channel on your website. The same goes for any other of your (actively) used social media outlets. Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram can be active promotors of your wedding DJ services.

    However, do be careful of maintaining quality over quantity. Just because you have an account doesn't mean that you should include them on your wedding DJ website. If you do, people will click on them (just as they will read your "about page"). Having no content or content that isn't very relevant might distract the website visitor. And, in worse cause scenarios, even turn them off if they don't like what you have to offer there.

    Consider adding a FAQ

    A faq is not only a great tool to inform your clients. It's also a great tool to streamline your own service and really drill down on what makes you unique in the industry. Topics to include may vary from your approach, payments structure, music, equipment and so on. It forces you to focus on what you can bring to the table and streamline your business. What if multiple clients ask you about your input in how to setup the perfect occasion music-wise, what's your answer going to be? Is it going to be different each time, because you make up things on the fly or will you have the answers to these type of questions ready? The FAQ will help you in this respect.

    Optimize your wedding DJ site with a blog

    If you're really serious about your wedding DJ business and you've hit the ground running with a perfect wedding DJ site there's still the next level in terms of online promotion. It's blogging and using its content to optimize your website for the search engines. Blogging is just as hard, if not harder, than building a website in the first place. So my recommendation is to always be finished with the first (website) before you head for the second (blogging).

    But look at it this way. If you've integrated an FAQ section on your website, chances are that every single question can be turned into an individual blog post. Or, if you know something about keyword research (we're getting technical here) you might know what people are actually looking for related to wedding DJ's. Try Google autocomplete to come up with fresh ideas for new blogposts.

    If you start wondering how effective this will be I cannot give you a clear answer. What I do know is that across industries, every business owner has this same type of question. And insecurity about the answer mostly leads to doing nothing. The same thing probably goes for wedding DJ's. How many of the people you consider your direct competition are actively creating content to attract and convert new visitors to their websites? If I can take a guess, very, very few.

    Choose a single goal for your wedding DJ site

    Achieving any goal is as much about focus as it is about execution. A lot of starting entrepreneurs try to do two hundred things at the same time. If you do you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin, subsequently failing to have success in any of them. The same goes for a website. You want to blog, you want people to signup for your newsletter, download your ebook, write an ebook in the first place, go to your social channels, look at your videos and the list goes on and on.

    The best thing you can do for any website is to have a single goal in mind and wonder if your actions are in line or at least support that single goal. A call-to-action is a means to get people to take action towards that goal. Let's say for a wedding DJ website you decide that your core goal is to get more bookings. Then your website should serve that goal at every turn and you should optimize the sites content to reflect that content.

    Add a clean contact section

    Another staple for any website is the contact section. People are used to finding this element as the last entry in the main navigation. And there's no reason why you should deviate from this best practice. Make sure it's in place with the proper info, add a simple contact form to the page as well and you're good to go.

    Ready to start your wedding DJ website today?

    So if this article has got you all fired up to start your very own wedding DJ website, why not start with our theme and hosting package. It has all the content described in this article ready for you to edit as you see fit. We'll take car of all the necessary updates, making sure your website continues to run smoothly 24/7. Click on the template below to get started today?

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