• Quick Summary: If you're looking to go into the credit repair business you'll need a professional trustworthy looking website. More than any other sector, you're going to deal with clients who been through hard times and are looking to you as their financial last resort. Building trust is a key factor in getting more clients. And in this article we're going into the details of what makes the perfect credit repair website tick.

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    What content should be on your credit repair website?

    Creating content for any website is difficult. Doing it when building a credit repair website is no different. What type of content should be on your site without coming across too salesy or mayb even shady?

    In the following couple of paragraphs I'll cover some website staples any credit repair business owner should put on their site. They include more generic content and content specifically for the credit repair industry.

    Don't be fooled into thinking that the technical side of websites is more important than the content side. It truly isn't. hosting, domain names, WordPress, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins. All that can be had for either free or chicken-feed. High-quality content that will drive both traffic and sales is a totally other story. And it's an area where a lot of credit repair specialists fail.

    Just take a look on the internet. How may so-called credit repair templates are truly dedicated to this business and actively help the credit repair professional in building his or her site? Sure, you'll find a lot of generic finance themes filed under the "credit repair" category. But those themes will still take a tremendous amount of work adding in the necessary requirements for your credit repair business, and that's exactly the position you do not want to be in when keeping costs in check. Both from a financial as well as a time perspective.

    So let's see what should be in any credit repair website.

    The goal of a credit repair website is to bring in new leads

    The goal of a website is not to have one, or to be online. The goal for any business, including a credit repair business, is to bring in fresh leads. A credit repair website is the means to get there.

    Sounds simple enough doesn't it? But if you take a hard look at a lot of credit repair websites you will find a lot of content on the website, but very few elements that will entice the website visitors to get into contact with the credit repair business. And if that's the case, the website is not doing it's job.

    So when you think about your own credit repair website, think about the core goal of how to get that phone to ring. Or how to get those signup forms to come in. And every single element of your website should serve that goal in some way. If it doesn't, it means that at its best it clutters up your site, and at worst it actually distracts the visitor enough that he or she leaves your site never to return again.

    A professional credit repair design is one that conveys trust

    Especially when you're operating in the financial realm, trust is of the utmost importance. In the credit repair business sometimes people have been set back not because their inherent risky, but simply because they we're duped. If that's the case you've got your work cut out for you with respect in rebuilding trust in a financial expert.

    There are a lot of credit repair websites that are very loud and gaudy when it comes to design. If you design your site think about how you want to come across and how elements like the color palette, whitespace, and layout can serve to help your credit repair business look more professional online. In combination with the right website builder tool to support you.

    Include a sign up form

    If you agree with me that the goal of a credit repair website is to get more leads. The next is what specific tools are you going to use to achieve this goal. A "website" is not the right answer because it encompasses to many elements.

    But if you consider a signup form for your credit repair services, that's an excellent answer. You can link from various areas in your website to a dedicated page where the signup resides. And you can even use the link to this page on various social media outlets or for paid advertising. Whatever you choose the Credit Repair Signup form is a must-have for any credit repair business.

    Be seen as the go-to credit repair expert with a FAQ section

    Finance is a tough and complex business, even for the uninitiated. Let alone for the people who got themselves into enough trouble to call upon you to help them out. They will have a lot of questions about you, your business and the added value you can bring to their lives.

    Use an FAQ section on your credit repair website to display the questions you need to answer most. Just think about the same stuff you see yourself conveying in face-to-face consations or on the phone and commit them to paper so to speak. Do not be afraid that this invaluable knowledge need to be paid for. The more you are willing to give for free the more you set yourself up as the go-to credit repair specialist.

    Traditionally a simple Q and A in text is an excellent bottom-up approach to get started. But there's nothing holding you back and creating professional videos about individual issues. Leave your competition in the dust and include some form of FAQ on your website.

    Increase your credibility by including trust icons

    A trust icon is a small image on your site. Almost always more than one is used at the same time. They show your affilliations and accreditations. On a credit repair website they can be used to show the various brands from which you remove negative items. Another small but very effective in building both trust and famliarity with your target audience.

    Think about a Testimonial overview

    A testimonial section is a tried-and-true sales tool for any website. Provided you have built up some track record in the credit repair industry, you're bound to have positive testimonials in one form or the other. Think about compliments you've received, mails from clients thanking your for a job well done, maybe even your LinkedIn profile. No matter how they originated, again, commit them to paper so you can reuse them for your website.

    It's easy to do, it's money in the bank with respect to a that little bit of sales to your site, and it's been an effective web design staple for the last two decades.

    Credit repair client results

    Sometimes it's time to show off a bit of what you've achieved in the industry. In the end what you need to do for your clients is to provide results. And they come in many forms, removing late payment, charge offs, bankruptcies, settlements, and the like. Your clients want to see what you've meant for others. One way is the testimonial section. Another very valid way of doing so is the Client Results page. Easy to setup up, and just another element in getting those valuable leads for your business with the help of credit repair website.

    Credit education

    It's one thing to be able to remove negative items from a credit report. It's something else to educate a client towards a place where negative items don't find their way into a credit report in the first place. That last bit separates the short-term credit repair specialist from the long-term one. The one that really adds long-term value to your clients.

    You can consider adding a "Credit Education" section to your website. A section dedicated to preventing future mistakes and mishaps after negative items have been removed.

    Educational blog

    An blog section can serve kind of the same purpose as the Credit Education section, with a less strict focus on the prevention of negative items. For a credit repair business it shouls serve as an online marketing instrument that enables you to attract and convert traffic to your website. For the one reading the article it serves as a source of information related to the credit repair industry and related to everything where credit repair is deemed a valid expertise to call upon.

    Contact section

    Another staple of a website is of course the contact section. A form, general address information and maybe a Google Map is the stuff that should be placed here.

    Click-to-call phonenumber

    With the introduction of mobile devices and people using the internet more and more on the go came the need of being able to directly call the organization behind the website. A click-to-call phonenumber was introduced to facilitate this. Simply tapping the phonenumber (button) will trigger the device's native app to call the phonenumber as displayed on the site. Great stuff, that makes it just that bit easier for people to get into contact with you after having visited your site.

    Credit repair roadmap

    Repairing people's credit adheres to a certain process. Providing clear information about this process ensures people understand what can be expected from them and you. An important aspect in increasing relevancy into the leads you need to go through on a day-to-day basis. Settings expectations is a key aspect in streamlining your credit repair business and notifying people of how you operate a key aspect in this respect.

    Are your ready to build your credit repair website?

    After reading this article you should have gained a better understanding of what makes a proper credit repair website tick. For the past years we've had the best-selling credit repair website template in the industry. Enabling credit repair specialists to get a headstart when building their site. It incorporates every web content element discussed here and more. Included in our offering is a full-service hosting package with backups, domain and support for a great price. If you're interested please click the credit repair template thumbnail below and get started today!

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