• Quick Summary: There are many fantastic tools available to build a beautiful site. But there are not that many specifically designed for inflatable hire services. Actually, you can probably count them on one hand. In this article we're going to focus on what makes a fantastic bouncy castle website and how you can create one for your own business. This article will have a primary focus of turning your website into a valuable tool when it comes to bringing in new leads.

    Screenshots we're taken from the Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme

  • Eye-popping design

    A website is nothing but a vehicle to give spectators the view they're looking for so they can convince themselves you're the person they've been looking for to handle business. That's it. And the goal of a bouncy castle website is to combine fun with professionalism. Playfulness with order. That's all pretty fuzzy stuff when you think of it, but a good start is a simple image that exemplifies what you have to offer, bright colors, not too many, and a clean uncluttered layout to keep the information flow going strong.

    Great call-to-actions

    Your website should follow certain best practices. And the most important one of them is that your website should have a singular goal. If you're business is about renting out inflatables and other party accessories, the main focus of your site is providing just enough information about these services that visitors will want to contact you. Either by calling you, filling out a form, or both.

    A call-to-action is a piece of content on your site that fills in the gap between providing information and making the connection with how people can contact you. In the case of a bouncy castle website, getting people to fill out a form on a dedicated page, and placing that information on prime real-estate of your site (homepage, sidebar) is how you adhere to the best practice of the single goal.

    Order form

    An Order Form for people to fill out should provide you with the least amount of information you need to take the next step in the sales process. And it should be short enough for the website visitor to want to actually fill it out. So if you use this marketing tool, shave away any fields that your really don't need in that first interaction between you and the prospect.

    A form is also a reflection of your business process and what you feel you need. Maybe you're not the one processing the forms initially. If not it will serve as a perfect blueprint to educate your team on what's necessary. Maybe they can use your own form to fill out leads that come through via phone. In the end it doesn't matter who fills out the form. It matters that they represent relevant leads with correct information.

    Bouncy castle categories

    Visitors to your website might not know upfront exactly what they want. And if they do, you still need to represent every inflatable product, party accessories, concession machines etc. in a way that does not overwhelm the client.

    Since the sheer amount of products can clutter up your homepage and core navigation if you make too fine-grained a categorization, we've limited the amount of categories to eight before we move into subcategories.

    For a bouncy castle you can easily get to the initial eight categories. You can link them to separate category overview pages link themselves to individual product detail pages.

    Trust icons

    Trust is an important aspect of the inflatable industry. For the most part your products are being used by children and you'll need to be viewed as someone who's been around the block and knows what he's doing. By integrating a number of trust icons on your site you can display your associations, affiliations and possible accreditations.

    Social media integration

    Integrating various social media channels on your website is a good way to expand your reach. It also give you a set of tools you can use to create a dynamic section of content on your site. This is achieved by adding a Facebook like wall, an Instagram feed, or Twitter stream.

    Inflatable product detail page

    Don't just through information from different product on one big heap. Take the time to create dedicated pages for individual items. A bouncy castle is not the same as a machine that spins cotton candy and necessitates different pieces of content.

    Also keep in mind that making distinct pieces of content puts you in a way better position of attracting relevant traffic through Google. If you have a page dedicated to bubble machines and somebody in your region of operation is looking for it, you can bet that Google will redirect that person to that particular page. Provided it is optimized in such a way it is deemed relevant enough.

    Delivery locations

    When we're talking about leads for your business, you want to know if they are relevant leads. Some leads might originate from a location to which you don't deliver your products. And adding a Delivery Locations page to your website is simple enough to prevent this from happening. That way you can spend your valuable time on clients you do want to service.

    Terms and agreements

    Terms and agreements are a necessary part of a professional bouncy castle website. They don't have to be featured as prominently as, let's say, your order form, but you want to remove as much "gray" as possible. And be clear in what people can expect from you and the other way around.


    What can I say about testimonials that hasn't been said before? Their a great tool that provides some social proof for your inflatable rental services. And they should get their own section on your bouncy castle website. Save the best ones for the homepage.

    Insurance and damage waiver

    A bouncy castle website can also aid you from a legal perspective. Besides the more general terms and agreements it's also the spot to place your insurance and damage waiver pdf's. You don't want these files only sitting on your computer and being mailed constantly with every event you have. The more you use your website to aid you in your day-to-day operations, the better you're able to streamline your operations and increase your profit margins. And the bouncy castle business is a fiercely competitive one that's all about margins.

    Rental checklist

    Streamlining operations for your bouncy castle business also extends to the rental checklist. Don't just have this type of information sitting on your computer, let alone be on piece of paper. Make them known and publish them on your website. Both for your clients and your team.


    We can immediately continue with the FAQ section. The same arguments that apply to the terms and agreements, the insurance documents, and rental checklist apply here. Commit those important Q and A's to paper and put them on your site. The better your site is able to convey the information your clients are looking for, the better the site can function as an extension of your sales.

    And you know for sure that FAQ's are something site visitors should be interested in, or else they wouldn't be called FAQ's.

    Employment page

    A growing bouncy castle business will need able hands to further growth. Use your website as a tool to create landing pages for possible vacancies. You can use third party platforms to attract the right people to view these vacancies.

    Specials overview

    Just as with the product categories, the specials overview serves to dissect your target audience into more specific audiences. Boys, girls, corporate clients. They are very different from each other and will have very different needs. The better you're able to distinctly target these distinct audiences, the better your marketing potential, the more traffic you will receive, the more relevant they will be, and they better you will be able to convert them. That's using your bouncy castle site as a powerful online marketing tool.

    Contact section

    What can you say about a contact section. People expect it to be on any website so put it on your yours. How you can make it a bit more helpful than merely put your general address information on there is by adding a contact form and a route planner for possible face-to-face meetings.

    Click-to-call phonenumber

    An often overlooked but very simple thing to add to a bouncy call website is the click-to-call button. What this nice little feature does is that for smartphones you can actually immediately call the company in question simply by tapping the phonenumber. It's such a tiny thing but it can make the difference for people. Again, remember your website is a lead-generation tool, not an information dissemination platform.

    Get started today with your bouncy castle website

    So here you have it. Over a dozen of actionable content items you can and should place on your very own bouncy castle website. If you feel a bit overwhelmed thinking about how you're going to achieve all that, but you do sense the reality of incorporating these items for yourself, don't worry.

    We've built a turnkey website product around all of the elements discussed in this article. What that "theme and hosting" package does for you is let you expand upon the foundation you can see from the live demo in the thumbnail below. We will set up both the web environment and include all of the demo content, text, pages, and images. A domain name and backup is included in the package, as is support if you might get stuck along the way.

    This entire package is priced extremely attractive. And a website builder is included. We feel the days of the middlemen charging tens of dollars per month and hundreds per year are numbered or maybe even over. You can have that bouncy castle website that looks both fun and professional without losing an arm and a leg financially speaking. So get started today!

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