• Free Hosting License For The Entire Astra Starter Site Catalogue

    PUBLICATION DATE: 13 Jan 2020 | AUTHOR: Johan van Seijen | CATEGORY: , Elementor, Astra Starter Sites,

  • Quick Summary: Today wraps up our new site layout with respect to Astra Starter Sites. Apart from some more content on each individual page, we're able to sell hosted versions of any of the Starter Sites. And to promote this very special occassion we're offically announcing the giveaway of free hosting licenses for the entire Astra Catalogue.

  • A fresh look

    Our homepage now not only prominently features the Astra Starter Sites, but also a clear navigation towards individual business types. This wraps up the new site structure which enables us to fairly easily add new theme providers and their respective catalogues. Ask a 100 people about their preferred way of working with WordPress and you'll get a 100 different answers.

    We've made the move towards becoming platform-agnostic. We don't care about your preferred method of working as long as we have the right product for the job. And expanding upon our own catalogue not only improves that strategy but actually is the foundation for it. For now it'll be Elementor, befor that it was Beaver Builder, and who knows, maybe the next popular way of building sites will be the default editor of WordPress itself.

    But one thing is certain, there will always be plumbers looking for a new site, or hairdressers, beauticians, roofers, contractors, you name it. And those people don't have a clue of the tool of the moment. They're just looking to get them a site. And since we still service both end clients and web designers, it only makes sense to provide the right type of information on our site for both those groups.

    Free hosting license for Astra Starter Sites

    Offering the ability to start a website based on Astra and Elementor, doesn't automatically mean that that will actually happening. So this post officially serves as the start of our free hosting-license giveaway.

    We decided to extend our promotion for the entire month of January. Any hosting license bought in January 2020 for an Astra Starter Site will be free. To prevent misuse of the this promotion, you'll do need to make a purchase order for us to provide a full refund on. That way our provisioning system also provides you with the proper license information with which our entire CRM system works.

    If you'd like to make use of this limited time offer, please look at our catalogue of Astra Starter Sites, make your purchase and notify us of your purchase at support@nexusthemes.com so we can process a refund.

  • About the Author

    Johan van Seijen


    Johan van Seijen is co-founder of Nexus Themes and our lead designer. After gaining a Master's Degree in Information Science he decided to try his luck in the illustration industry, working for clients as Avantgarde, Cosmopolitan and Glamour. With the return to the software industry grew the desire to create something to be truly proud of and which could spearhead his ambition of having his own company. And this company is what followed. He lives with his wife and daughter in Amsterdam.