• Quick Summary: With the addition of new themes from other theme providers, new ways of browsing our theme catalogue need to be introduced. We've improved this in several ways. Most notably by adding theme overview pages with the context of a certain business type.

  • Improvements to our general theme overview

    While I had added new information to our general WordPress theme overview page, I had also removed some. In our Facebook Group " the WordPress Nexus" this was pointed out to me. Most notably the enlarged theme thumbnails when you hover over a theme entry. I have reintroduced it.

    Besides this reintroduction of a lost feature, I have created new theme overview pages with a business specific context that can be reached from the general over view as well. Each theme entry has the industry associated to it as well. For instance the " Car Mechanic WordPress Theme" is part of the "automotive" category. Whereas before these categories were just static pieces of text, they are no links to these new overview pages.

    What new theme categories did we add?

    Each WordPress theme belongs to a specific industry with totals at 43 new pages.

    1. art
    2. automotive
    3. beauty
    4. books
    5. business services
    6. cleaning
    7. computer
    8. construction
    9. design
    10. education
    11. electronics
    12. entertainment
    13. environmental
    14. event planning
    15. fashion
    16. finance
    17. food
    18. gambling
    19. games
    20. garden
    21. government
    22. health
    23. interior design
    24. kids
    25. local business
    26. maintenance
    27. marketing
    28. media
    29. music
    30. nightlife
    31. pet
    32. photography
    33. real estate
    34. religious
    35. restaurant
    36. security
    37. shipping
    38. shopping
    39. social network
    40. software
    41. sports
    44. transportation
    45. travel
    46. wedding

    What can you find on each overview page

    I've made the overview pages as rich as possible. There is a likelyhood the pages will rank and attract organic traffic from Google. This means that people visiting those pages have no context of what they're looking at except for what's on the actual page. They might not know Nexus Themes, they might not know what Astra or Elementor is. So that means we need to provide them with as much contextual information as possible.

    The overall layout is dominated with what we feel is most important: large thumbnails. Each page starts with a small intro (if available) which we can use to further optimize the page and a quick navigation that also serves as a mini-overview where you can see the title of each WordPress theme. Both this mini-overview and each entry includes information about the theme provider and website builder with which the theme design was created.

    These overviews are dynamically generated. This means that as we add more themes to a certain type of industry, the page dedicated to that particular will automatically include the new theme. This ensures we can add new theme providers and entire new theme catalogues en masse.

    Each page also includes a sidebar where all individual businesstype categories (called "Theme categories") are shown. The number before the category corresponds with the number of individual theme entries within that category.

    What's next?

    The last overview will be the overview per theme provider for those of you who prefer a particular brand or just want to know how many themes we offer for a certain provider. And these new changes also need to be reflected on our (pretty old) homepage.

    After that, we'll continue by adding new providers and themes. And of course start marketing them. This is no longer "build it and they will come" world. But we've definitely laid a solid foundation already in terms of content creation. In the background we'll also work on the provisioning mechanism. But considering its complexity we'll prioritize it as new clients start choosing other providers than Nexus.

    As you saw, we actively include client suggestion in both our products and site structure. So you're more than welcome to provide us with the right information to improve our products and services for you guys. Share them in our Facebook Group " the WordPress Nexus".

  • About the Author

    Johan van Seijen


    Johan van Seijen is co-founder of Nexus Themes and our lead designer. After gaining a Master's Degree in Information Science he decided to try his luck in the illustration industry, working for clients as Avantgarde, Cosmopolitan and Glamour. With the return to the software industry grew the desire to create something to be truly proud of and which could spearhead his ambition of having his own company. And this company is what followed. He lives with his wife and daughter in Amsterdam.