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  • The Dentist WordPress theme - recognizable online professionalism

    dentist wordpress theme
  • The Dentist WordPress theme offers dental professionals an excellent way to attract new patients online. Our theme features signup functionality which redirects visitors directly to the contact form. Experience tells us however that people feel much more comfortable picking up the phone. So patient signup is made easy with your telephone number in your header and a no holds barred call to action banner on your homepage for those who need to contact you immediately in case of an emergency.

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  • Dentist WordPress Theme - Features

    The Dentist WordPress Theme of Nexus Themes is not just an ordinary WordPress Theme. It was created by mixing the needs of dentists and dental hygienists, who actively participated in the development of the theme. Combining their requirements with the latest and greatest requirements from a technical and user experience perspective we think we have managed to create the best WordPress theme for dentists out there. After viewing this video, you can decide for yourself if this theme fits your needs. Create a test environment for free at NexusThemes.com to experience this theme for yourself and decide if it fits your needs.

  • Dentist WordPress theme - installation in minutes

    This video shows how to install and setup the Dentist WordPress theme in minutes. In the video you will be able to see how to install the theme on a new website using the combination of Direct Admin, Installatron, WordPress and Nexus Themes. After activating the theme, the site will have setup all content on your site.

  • Dentist WordPress theme - optimized for mobiles and tablets

    These days more and more people use their mobiles and tablets to browse the internet in search for products and services. In fact, on one of our Dutch websites about the dental sector, we recently found out that in Augusts 2013 more people accessed the site using a handheld devices than they did on a desktop one. The Dentist WordPress theme is prepared for this upcoming shift; we have optimized our theme to support handheld devices (mobiles and tablets). Our theme is a so called "responsive theme".

  • Real life dental clinics showcases

  • Dental clinic


    Click on the image above to open the website of the dental practise 'Terletstraat'. This website uses the dental hygienist theme. The site was configured by Tanden Online.

  • Dental clinic


    Click on the image above to open the website of the dental practise 'Wateringseveld'. This website uses the dental hygienist theme. The site was configured by Tanden Online.

  • Testimonials

  • Since I started my dental clinic over a year ago, I rely on one of the WordPress themes for dental clinics for my website. The support is great and the WordPress theme ensures our business grows in a steady and effective way.

  • Margreet Ouderkerken-Bark

    Oral hygienist in Leeuwarden

    I was looking for a WordPress theme that is both professional looking as well as easy to use at the same time. These dentist WordPress themes helps to spend less time on my site and more valuable time with my clients.

  • What can the Dentist WordPress Theme do for you?

    Try out the Dentist WordPress Theme for yourself. Not only does it have a great-looking design. Our framework ensures easy maintenance so you'll can spend as much time as possible doing what you're paid for: being a dentist.

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