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  • Setting up a logo on your website

    A crucial element of any site is the logo. In most themes the logo's are place at the very top in the header. Most logo's consist of an image combined optionally with a title and subtitle. In this video we will demonstrate how you can setup the logo widget using the Horse ranch WordPress theme.

  • Configuring your website's logo

    The logo widget is mostly used for what its name implies: to create a logo. Choose the option to create either an image only logo, a text only version or both.

  • Adding a logo title and subtitle

    Maybe you don't have a logo or you just want to put your name up in plain text. That is possible with the title and subtitle options of the logo widget. It's as easy as filling in the blanks and the widget will render your text perfectly.

  • Positioning your website logo

    If you're a designer and know about absolute positioning the logo widget supports these attributes as well. It enables you to move the logo beyond the boundaries of its placeholder and create a more dynamic layout (if you know what you're doing :).

  • Configuring the height of the logo

    Depending on the configuration, the logo widget of your website could have a constrained height. If the height is constrained, also the width of the logo will be constrained (as the image of the logo sticks to the aspect ratio of the original image you assign to it). In this video we will show you why we often constrain the logo, and how you can remove the contraint.